How to install PUBG Mobile Lite recoil control

How to control the recoil of the gun in PUBG Mobile Lite and PUBG Lite? These are tips, tricks and guidelines that you can apply to reduce weapon recoil and shoot your opponents effectively in the game.

It must be said that the games PUBG is based on shooting and has most of the real-world mechanics like rate of fire, recoil, bullet drop distance… Recoil is important in the game and needs to be understood by the player to handle recoil and reaction. response of any gun, which is one of the problems most players struggle to solve.

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Instructions for controlling the recoil of the gun

In this article, will guide you how to control weapon recoil in PUBG Mobile Lite and PUBG Lite , one of the important factors to shoot accurately and win Chicken Dinner in the game. Therefore, do not miss it.

How to control gun recoil in PUBG Lite

First, let’s start with the recoil control guide in PUBG Lite on PC. PUBG Lite on PC is a free game version of PUBG PC. It allows players to experience this fascinating survival shooter game on low-profile computers. It is also a product of PUBG Corp released on July 30, 2016 with gameplay quite similar to the original version.

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Gun recoil is still the biggest problem for players. We need some pro tips and tricks to control the gun recoil, to shoot more accurately and win the Chicken Dinner. The core method to reduce gun recoil in PUBG Lite is to move the mouse downwards to drag the crosshair to the target. That’s because when you discharge the gun, the recoil of the gun in the vertical direction causes the reticle to move upwards. However, solving this problem is not as simple as that. Here are some tips to control gun recoil in PUBG Lite.

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1. Sensitivity setting, Sensitivity

The first and most important factor to control PUBG Lite recoil is the sensitivity setting – Sensitivity Settings. You need to find the perfect mouse sensitivity setting while gaming. According to many professional gamers, you should play with the center of gravity, viewfinder and general settings at default. However, depending on the quality of your device, you can increase or decrease the sensitivity setting if you feel you are aiming up or down.

2. Choose and practice to master all guns

You should practice with all the guns in the gym and get used to the different recoils of those guns. Each gun has its own recoil. Therefore, you should practice to know how to reduce the recoil of different guns in PUBG Lite. That’s because you don’t know which guns you can pick up in real matches.

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Besides, you should master a favorite gun, a common weapon and easy to find on the map. This helps you shoot like a Pro gamer with a familiar gun and wipe out enemies on the map. M416 and UMP45 are 2 recommended guns. They are stable, easy to find and easy to control.

3. Use the full set of accessories

The third tip to control weapon recoil in PUBG Lite is to use the right accessories. A gun with a full set of accessories will be easier to control in all PUBG titles. Accessories also greatly affect recoil control in PUBG Lite. Choose a small scope like Holographic, Red Dot or 2X for SMG because you can only use these guns for close combat.

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You can attach a 3X or 4X scope to an AR gun during mid-range encounters. Moreover, try to find enough accessories such as gun stock, recoil reduction barrel to reduce the recoil of the gun. You should try recoil muffler instead of silencer for better recoil control in PUBG Lite, PUBG Mobile Lite and all PUBG games.

How to control gun recoil in PUBG Mobile Lite

PUBG Mobile Lite is a version of PUBG Mobile for those who own low-profile smartphones. However, the gameplay is not much different from PUBG Mobile. It allows you to experience the world’s most popular mobile game on a “leek” device with similar gameplay and some unique features of PUBG.

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You will also enter the battle against 49 other players on the map and try to be the last survivor. Besides essential survival skills such as hiding, running, you should improve your shooting ability. Aiming and recoil control are the two main factors for shooting more accurately and killing more opponents in the game.

In addition, you should also apply the tips shared above to reduce the recoil of the gun in PUBG Mobile Lite. The only difference is that you drag the reticle on the mobile screen. Therefore, to react quickly and shoot like a Pro, you should play the game with 4 fingers.

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You can set up controls based on your preferences and habits. They are located in the settings of PUBG Mobile Lite. Besides, go to sensitivity settings to adjust the sensitivity settings of the camera, ADS and gyroscope feature. New players should use the default settings. But once you get used to the gameplay and want to play the game with the desired sensitivity settings, you can based on your experience to adjust the sensitivity level accordingly.

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Above are some professional tips, tricks and tutorials on how to control weapon recoil in PUBG Lite and PUBG Mobile Lite. Apply and feel the change in fierce battles of life and death.

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