Avengers Infinity War special scene reveals Marvel characters still alive?

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Avengers Infinity War The release of the Bluray version also means that fans can “look” more closely at each movie scene, giving viewers a true look at the entire plot of the movie. And as many people know, the crazy Titan Thanos succeeded in wiping out half the universe.. turning innocent lives and MCU superheroes into permanent dust.


However, soon fans have their own theories about the possibility of these names coming back, especially thanks to the Time Stone as well as the extremely sophisticated plan of Doctor Strange (theory that you can read right below). But in fact, this is not the only way because viewers have just discovered another theory based on the assertions of the two Infinity War directors themselves.

Accordingly, right after Thanos performed the destructive snap, the mad Titan seemed to appear in a “dream world” and chat with the small figure of the Titan. Gamora. Many people think that this is simply a flashback image of the past, of old memories where Thanos was still taking care of his baby daughter.


But no, fans think that this is the key to proving the survival of half of the universe, including the superheroes that seemed to die in Infinity War. To start this hypothesis we will come to High Evolutionary – one of the extremely powerful characters of Marvel.

High Evolutionary Herbert Edgar Wyndham, whose real name is Herbert Edgar Wyndham, was a genetic biologist working in Oxford England in the 1930s. Passionate about animal evolution, he built a machine that could speed up the evolution of any creature. It wasn’t long before Wyndham was given the material by an Inhuman scientist to discover the laws of genes and thereby create a plasma called Isotope A.

It was also from this discovery that Wyndham experienced countless different events from his journey to the mountains of Wundagore to research… to the discovery of the ancient Evil God Chthon buried here. With Isotope A plasma in his hand, he created an army of half-human and half-animals, allowing to contain and seal Chthon under the direction of Magnus – the ghost of a powerful wizard from the 6th century. For those of you who don’t know, it was this sealing that caused Chthon’s magic to affect a nearby pregnant woman… and her two children later grew up to become Wanda and Pietro Maximoff. . For Marvel fans, they are more familiar with the names Scarlet Witch and Quicksilver.

High Evolutionary.

Returning to Wyndham, he built himself a great property with an extremely powerful army of New Men, half human and half animal. Hoping to build a paradise for the new species, Wyndham is now worshiped as the High Evolutionary and decided to build the planet Counter-Earth, a version of the Earth beyond the Sun. However, things soon spiral out of control when the New Men are corrupted at the hands of Man-Beast, a half-wolf half-human being exposed to plasma. Along with his forces of Evil New Men, Man Beast corrupts Counter-Earth, turning it into a hellish escape that goes against the concept of High Evolutionary.

In order to purify his own creation, High Evolutionary decided to carry Him – who was born by the Enclave organization on Earth with the goal of creating the most perfect creature ever. However, Adam suddenly rose up and went against his creators, flying into space in the hope of discovering his own truth. Meeting High Evolutionary, he gave himself a new name Adam Warlock, take on the task of helping Counter-Earth return to the image of the old paradise. The weapon that the High Evolutionary gave him was Soul Stone.. one of the 6 Infinity Stones that make up the element of the Universe.

Adam Warlock.

It is also from here that the Soul Stone first revealed its power, a unique power compared to the other 5 stones. There the Soul Stone has the power to steal the soul of a living creature, allowing its owner to take full control of life and death in his hands. But few people know that the Soul Stone did not erase the souls it appropriated. Instead imprison them in a world called Soul World. Adam Warlock repeatedly used this stone to imprison his enemies, gradually completing the task entrusted to him by the High Evolutionary.

That’s why many fans believe that the scene right after Thanos snapped his fingers, he set foot in Soul World and talked with Gamora’s soul. If this is indeed true, then half of all life in the universe including the Spider-ManDoctor Strange, Winter Soldier nice Black Panther.. are all imprisoned here. And now this theory has been partly confirmed by the Russo brothers themselves when they revealed that the scene where Thanos meets Gamora did indeed happen inside the Soul World. This means that the MCU’s superheroes aren’t actually dead… they’re just waiting for a counterattack from Avengers and the day of escaping from Soul World to avenge Thanos only.


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