Instructions to install and play Lightning fast on your phone

Lightning fast is a puzzle game, the mind is connected to play like an entertainment program Fast like lightning is being loved by many people today on television. In this game there are a lot of brain hacking questions, which will surely make the player sometimes confused by the question.

In this game, you will have to answer 10 consecutive questions within 2 minutes to win. Here, we will introduce the article instructions for setting up and playing Lightning fast on your phone, please consult.

1. Quick setup guide like lightning on the phone

In this article we will introduce the steps to install this game on Android, in addition you can do the same on iOS or click the download button below.

Download Lightning Fast on Android Download Lightning Fast on iOS

Step 1: To download this game we must first open it Google Play app store on the phone.

Step 2: At the home page of the app store, click search box at the top of the screen.

Step 3: Enter keywords “Lightning fast“And press the button Search.

Step 4: Next, let’s touch the button Setting.

Step 5: Wait a moment for the download of the game to be completed, then click the button Open to start playing this game.

Click the search box Press the Install buttonTouch the Open button

2. How to play as fast as lightning on the phone

First we will log into the game account, by touching account icon in the bottom left corner of the screen. Next, click the button Log in to sign in with your account Google or Facebook mine.

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Click the account icon Click the Login buttonSign in with Facebook or Google

Then at the main interface of this game, please press the button Play now.

When we start playing we will have two minutes to play answer all 10 questions win the championship. To make it easier for the player to pass the questions, this game will offer 4 answers let me choose.

When you answer correctly, please press the button Next sentence, to go to another question.

Press the Play Now button Choose the correct answerTap the Sentence button next

On the right side will be the achievement column, when answered correctly, it will be raised one notch. In this game we will be allowed incorrectly answered three times, if more than three times, the achievement column will return to the beginning, and touch the button Play again, to go back to the game in progress.

You are the winner when answering correctly 10 consecutive questions within 2 minutes, otherwise the system will display the number of questions that you answered correctly in a row.

Winning To lose, click the Play button again

In addition, at the main interface of the game, you click trophy icon to see all your achievements and leaderboards and other players in the game.

Click on the trophy icon Table of calculation

Good luck!

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