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Garena Free Fire is a very popular game today with extremely attractive shooting survival gameplay, in Garena Free Fire there are many different types of weapons and the most popular gun line used by players is rifles, below will be the rifles in Garena Free Fire.

Garena Free Fire Possessing an extremely reasonable and interconnected weapon system, each gun in Free Fire will be appropriate in a certain time of the game, but the rifle is the gun used by most players. every time you own them because of their versatility.

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The most powerful assault rifles Free Fire

Currently, Free Fire has versions for Android, IOS and PC, you can download the appropriate version below:

– Download Free Fire for Android
– Download Free Fire for iPhone
– Download Free Fire for PC

1. The rifles in Garena Free Fire.


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SCAR is a very popular rifle in Garena Free Fire with low recoil, extremely suitable for new players. Good damage, good rate of fire, and possessing versatility from rifles that can shoot far or close are good, making SCAR very popular in Garena Free Fire.


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The legendary gun in many shooting games so far, the AK47 is extremely loved in Garena Free Fire. The damage of AK is extremely strong, very suitable for shooting at close range or melee. Facing nearby enemies with an inevitable gunfight, the AK is always a weapon to give players peace of mind. However, AK is also famous for its recoil, it will be difficult for newcomers to use this gun effectively, especially at mid and long range.


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Groza is a special gun that only appears in the Air Drop crate. With a special design that makes the gun look more compact than other rifles, but the power is absolute. High damage, good accuracy and extremely long range make Groza a gun that is always competitive at the highest level. Anyone who plays Garena Free Fire wants to have a Groza in their equipment list.


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M4A1 is a popular gun and is easy to find in Garena Free Fire. All stats of M4A1 are average and suitable for beginners to use easily. However, the low damage is a minus point for the M4A1 because you will be very lost in close-range gunfights when the M4A1 deals quite low damage despite its good rate of fire.


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M14 is a very popular gun in Garena Free Fire when you can own this gun very simply. The M14 can be fitted with all 4 accessories to help the gun have extremely high accuracy and low recoil. The range and damage of the M14 are also extremely terrible when both are extremely good. Its only weakness is probably the slow firing rate and will be a bit of a disadvantage when shooting melee.

2. The most powerful rifle and rifle use cases

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Rifles are appropriate in almost all situations you encounter in Garena Free Fire. This is an extremely stable gun with a fast firing rate, good accuracy and can shoot at both close and long range.

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In Garena Free Fire, Groza deserves to be the king of assault rifles with outstanding damage and range, extremely high efficiency and something that players are always looking for in Air Drop crates.

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Garena Free Fire is an extremely interesting and outstanding survival shooter game in today’s time. There is an option for those of you who want to play Free Fire on your computer that you can play Free Fire via Bluestack so that it can be more comfortable and does not affect the life of the phone.

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