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Diamond games with simple gameplay, easy to get acquainted with both young children or the elderly, but have irresistible attraction, can attract users to play continuously for many hours, even even spend money to buy help items to pass the table.

Not only an interesting and attractive game for you to relax in your spare time, the titles diamond game It also helps players practice calculation, logic, reaction.

top best diamond game

Top 5 best diamond matching games on Android

If you are a fan of legendary diamond matching games, Taimienphi will take you to discover the top 5 diamond game Best on Android with upgraded gameplay that adds to the fun.

Top 5 best diamond games on Android

1. Bejeweled Stars

Bejeweled Stars still retains the familiar graphics and attractive gameplay of POPCAP’s diamond games. But this game is much more interesting when providing players with difficulties when being limited to the world, obstacles or taking on the task of rescuing butterflies with gems.

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The main task of the player is still trying to match pairs of 3, 4 or even pairs of gems together to pass the gates. At the end of each level, in addition to the in-game rewards, you will have the opportunity to open a chest to receive exclusive emoticons from the publisher. You can use them to express your feelings, your own style when sending messages to friends.

– Download Bejeweled Stars

2. Bejeweled Classic

It would be remiss to mention the most attractive diamond game today and ignore Bejeweled Classic. In addition to the original game mode, this game also provides players with up to 6 different challenge modes.

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Each mode has its own unique conditions, preventing the player from collecting or combining gems. Besides the ability to calculate quickly, high concentration, you will need a little more luck to be able to overcome these hurdles.

– Download Bejeweled Classic

3. Bejeweled Blitz

If you are used to the slow, computationally demanding levels of the old diamond game, you will definitely be surprised by the somewhat rushed gameplay of Bejeweled Blitz.

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Each level of Bejeweled Blitz will take place within 60 seconds and you need to do whatever it takes to match 3 or more matching pieces to score points. Not only stopping at combining common gems, you can combine special gems together to create powerful effects, harvest points faster.

Through the game screen, you will collect gem badges, collect them to unlock interesting sections and raise your rank on the world leaderboard.

– Download Bejeweled Blitz

4. Marvel Puzzle Quest

It can be said that Marvel Puzzle Quest is a unique combination of gem matching game with Mavel’s superheroes. If you are a lover of Iron man, Captain Americal, Thor,… then don’t miss this fascinating game.

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More in line with the superhero theme, the graphics of Marvel Puzzle Quest have been changed slightly to suit. Different types of gems have their own unique symbols. When you successfully combine many special gems, extremely special effects will appear. Download the game and discover it!

– Download Marvel Puzzle Quest

5. Frozen Free Fall

Also exploiting the much-loved theme, Frozen Free Fall is inspired by the billion-dollar movie – Disney’s Frozen. The interface of the diamond matching game has also been upgraded to colorful sparkling ribbons. Players will not be alone, 2 characters Anna and Olaf will always be with you to overcome challenges.

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Through each game screen, you will also be rewarded with a bit of precious money. You can use them to pay for the level immediately, buy support items to make it easier to overcome challenges.

– Download Frozen Free Fall
Through the content of the article, Taimienphi has introduced to you the top 5 titles in turn diamond game The most attractive and worth playing today on Android phones. Hopefully, after the reference, you will find a matching diamond puzzle game to relax in your spare time.

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