Teamfight Tactics gamers came to play Union Chess and blatantly “burnt neck” game thu dau truong chan ly coi co lien quan va gay khet 0 - Emergenceingame

Recently Union Flag has officially arrived gamer Arena of valorAlthough still encountering many errors, it is undeniable that the Union Flag is a new breeze for young gamer of Arena of Valor, especially those who have never known the genre of “flag of dignity”.


Grasp this, many player of titles dignity game other like Auto Chess, Truth Arena There have been trips to the Union Flag to test whether this mode has anything attractive. Among them, there are quite a few players who are superior because they think they have fought on the side of the Teamfight Tactics. League of Legends so it’s not difficult to get acquainted and “sell” for League of Legends player.

This gamer is an example with a relatively firm statement as follows: “Party play League It’s been a while, so it’s easy to come here. Sorry. Those of you who don’t know how to play meet me, you’ve already confirmed it. Those of you who have never played, just enter to increase rank just for others. Oh, and you guys keep saying that I’m stupid for putting together magic items for Arduin, I’m sorry, those of you who haven’t learned and come here will get scolded.”


It can be seen that this player is relatively confident in his level and dignity. Of course, with such a superior statement, this gamer quickly received a response from Union Army community Mobile. A lot of people in it mean that this gamer should not crow early when he doesn’t know who knows him. Maybe this player can only “onion” new players, but for those who have played the dignity game before, it is not known who will “sell onions” to whom.

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