Top 5 most crowded free mobile games

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On the app store of CH Play and the App Store, there are tons of great games, but the game with the largest number of players, can be mentioned below. would like to introduce to readers the top 5 completely free mobile games with the largest number of players all time up to this point.

Top 5 – Candy Crush Saga

Anyone who has never been in love with this candy puzzle game once. Candy Crush Saga since the first day of launch has made many players fall in love with these colorful candies. Possessing a simple yet addictive gameplay, Candy Crush Saga has almost surpassed the legendary Diamond Bejeweled of Popcap game every day.

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Currently, although it has been released for a long time, Candy Crush Saga still retains a loyal fan base. The game currently owns more than 500 million players around the world who are still busy day and night making candy

Top 4 – PUBG Mobile

As a version specially developed for smart mobile devices, PUBG Mobile soon achieved a lot of success like its predecessor and had a large number of loyal gamers everywhere. In the world.

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Although it is a mobile game, the game is completely free, plus the fact that NPH Tencent favors developing its own emulator Tencent Gaming Buddy to optimize for playing PUBG Mobile on the computer, increasing the number of PUBG mobile players. dizziness. So far, PUBG Mobile has had more than 600 million players and is constantly increasing.

Top 3 – Minion Rush: Despicable Me

Once causing a global fever because of their mischief, innocence, lovely laughter and cute appearance, the Minions are not difficult to conquer millions of people around the world. And so, Minion Rush: Despicable Me has had a huge number of players up to more than 900 million players worldwide.

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Possessing Endless Run gameplay, Minion Rush: Despicable Me is much more attractive than games of the same genre when not only possessing a famous funny character, but also an eye-catching outfit. It seems that manipulating the mischievous Minions to pick up bananas never seems boring at all.

  • Link download Minion Rush: Despicable Me for iOs
  • Link download Minion Rush: Despicable Me for Android

Top 2 – Subway Surfers

Still a game in the Endless Run genre, Subway Surfer was released in 2012, which immediately storm the world by bringing a very hands-on gameplay experience. From dancing, skateboarding, rowing to flying like a bird with Jetpack … all have contributed to Subway Surfers keeping its position as one of the most popular games on mobile.

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Subway Surfers currently has more than a billion players and this number is continuously increasing. If you are someone who wants a light entertainment game and just wants to play the game with one hand, do not hesitate to join this naughty boy.

Top 1 – Pokemon GO

Champion on this list is none other than a familiar name that once caused a global fever – Pokemon GO. No need to be a Pokemon fan to know the cute Pikachu electric mouse, since its launch, Pokemon GO has created a craze for Pokemon hunting around the world.

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Therefore, Pokemon GO easily received more than 1 billion installs after only a short time, which is difficult for any game to do the same thing. Although the Pokemon GO craze has cooled down, the game still owns a large number of players and a lot of players have returned after the game’s new updates.

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