Top 5 latest fishing mods in Minecraft 1.19

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In Minecraft, fishing is a familiar mechanism that requires few resources but can bring great rewards. With the enchantment mechanism in Minecraft, you can also increase your luck to catch more treasures. However, if you find fishing too boring, you can refer to the following top 5 Minecraft 1.19 fishing mods.

For the following fishing mods, you will experience new mechanics with many special features, which are not available on the official version. To help you choose a favorite fishing mod, has compiled it top 5 Minecraft mods 1.19 fishing down here.

top 5 minecraft 1 19 mods

Fishing mod in Minecraft 1.19

Top 5 modes Minecraft 1.19 fishing

1. Aquaculture 2

After installing Aquaculture 2, the number of fish in Minecraft will be increased to more than 30 different types of fish for you to fish or catch with your bare hands. Besides, many different types of fishing rods will also be added, allowing to attach more types of bait with different functions. Fishing mechanics here are also changed when fishing lines and bubbles are modified to increase realism.

minecraft 1 19 mod list

In this fishing mod Minecraft 1.19, each different ecosystem will own different types of fish. Therefore, you need to move, explore many new lands to find new fish species. In addition, not only fish, you can also catch many valuable items such as tools and Neptunium armor.

2. Go Fish

The second name in the top 5 fishing mods for Minecraft 1.19 is Go Fish. Created based on the touch from Stardew Valley and Terraria, this fishing mod adds many new rewards, many new aquatic creatures to attract more fishing players.

mod in minecraft 1 19

Some outstanding features of Go Fish mode can be mentioned as:

– Many new types of fish for each ecosystem.
– Added a variety of fishing rods and accessories.
– Add more food from aquatic organisms.
– Many great treasures.
– Added fishing mechanics for dimensions like the Nether and The End.

3. Advanced Fishing

Advanced Fishing entered the top 5 mod Minecraft 1.19 fishing thanks to its diversity. This fishing mod adds up to 43 different types of fish, a new type of fishing rod and a whole new fishing mechanic. In particular, new fish species can only be fished in certain ecosystems.

Minecraft mods

In particular, Blazing Fishing Pole is a new type of fishing rod that allows you to fish under lava. This item can only be picked up under lava or found in the Nether Fortress.

Besides, if you don’t want to use Minecraft Mods, readers can also delete the mod to return to the normal game mode or delete the mod to download and install another mod version to avoid conflicts..

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4. Fishing Made Better

The purpose of this fishing mod is to make fishing more realistic. Specifically, the fishing mechanism will be more detailed and complex, but the reward will also be more valuable. To catch fish, you need to adjust the fishing line as well as the distance if you do not want to return empty-handed.

In this mod, you will need to pay attention to more factors when fishing, such as dimension, ecology, altitude and type of liquid. This will determine the behavior of each fish species. Specifically, some species will live only in water, lava or Void, under certain lighting conditions in a certain area.

minecraft 1 19 mods

Some notable changes of this fishing mod Minecraft 1.19 are:

– Each chunk will have a finite number of fish, when the fishing is over, you need to compensate for the food to make the fish reproduce again.
– You can transport fish with buckets of water to build fish farming areas to your liking.
– Different types of fish will have different characteristics, such as fishing time, weight, food, fish density, rarity, fishing method and processing method.
– This mod will add all available fish by default. However, you can further select individual fish species using that species’ profile.

5. Better Fishing Rods

As the name suggests, Better Fishing Rod adds many new types of fishing rods with many other related items. Specifically, you can craft fishing rods from all the metal you have.

download mod minecraft 1 19

Better Fishing Rod’s new mechanics:

– Craft fishing rod from metal in the game: iron, gold, diamond, Netherite.
– Upgrade fishing rods to unlock special abilities.
– Added many new spellbooks to test your luck.
Thus, has introduced to you the top 5 latest fishing modes Minecraft 1.19. If you have any questions or concerns, please leave a comment below.

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