Top 5 good Android games like Free Fire 2021

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The category of survival shooters for Android today is very diverse and it is not difficult to find games with similar gameplay to Free Fire. In this article, will synthesize a list of 5 good Android games Free Fire worth playing in this 2021 year.

In spite of Free Fire and PUBG Mobile These are the 2 most popular battle royale titles today, but many players want to experience a game with similar gameplay but newer instead of repeating the same experience. Therefore, the following article will list some games that may not be as popular as the two representatives mentioned above but still ensure to bring you great entertainment time in the fierce mortal arena.

top free fire game android game free fire 2021

Top game for Android like Free Fire

Top 5 good Android games like Free Fire 2021

5. Creative Destruction

Creative Destruction is a survival shooter hybrid between PUBG and Fortnite. The game features a resource gathering and building build mechanic, along with the option to switch between first and third person views. In the game, you still have the goal of defeating 99 other players to become alive. in the end. Creative Destruction fun, colorful and challenging. This is the first option that want to recommend to you if you want a Battle Royale game that does not require high configuration of Free Fire alternative devices.

top 5 cool android games like free fire 2021

Highlights of Creative Destruction:

– Diverse map.

– Exciting destroying, building and crafting mechanics.

– Multiple game modes.

Weapons and equipment systems are plentiful.

Link to download Creative Destruction for Android:

=> Link download Creative Destruction for Android
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If you want to experience the newness in the Battle Royale game series, ZombsRoyale is a definite choice you must try. Besides the survival shooting mode where you fight against 99 other players to become the only survivor, you can also experience many other fascinating modes such as Duo, Squad, Zombies, 50vs50, Superpower, Weapons Race, and Crystal Clash 4v4.

Download free fire mobile game for android

Highlights of

– Customize over 1,000 unique characters.

– Participate in seasons to win exciting rewards.

– Many different game modes: Battle Royale, Solo, Duo, Zombies …

– Compete with other players and dominate the leaderboards.

Link to download Zombs Royale for Android latest:

=> Link download Zombs Royale for Android
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3. Knives Out

Knives Out It’s also another clone of PUBG and Fortnite, with the only change being that 5 members in a team fight together instead of solo. You will join with your teammates to destroy rival teams to become the last surviving team. Overall, the game has great graphics and game mechanics, with some additional modes that PUBG Mobile not like Sniper Battle and 50v50. However, you need a stable Internet connection to play Knives Outbecause it has only one server in India.

ear garena free fire

Highlights of Knives Out:

– 5 people in a group, 100 people on a battlefield.

– Many attractive game modes: Sniper Battle, 50v50, Team Fight …

Weapons, vehicles and equipment systems are diversified.

Link to download Knives Out for the latest Android:

=> Link download Knives Out for iOS
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=> Link download Knives Out for Android
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2. Rules of Survival

The next option in the top 5 Android games or like Free Fire 2021 is Rules of Survival with its own highlights. The game tests the player’s tactical abilities and fighting skills on the mortal battlefield including 120 players. Rules of Survival qualifies as one of the best battle royale games for Android.

top free fire game for android or best 2021

Unique features of Rules of Survival:

– Fair combat on a large HD map.

– Join solo or team mode in battle of 120 people.

– Various types of weapons, equipment and vehicles.

Rules of Survival download link for the latest Android:

=> Link download Rules Of Survival for Android
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1. Fortnite

Epic Game’s free battle royale game has the biggest change in gameplay. Besides fighting each other until the last breath, the player Fortnite Also, it is necessary to collect resources in the environment to build buildings, which can be used for many different purposes such as protecting yourself, trapping opponents or climbing high to gain advantage. Fortnite also has fairly low graphics requirements and cross-playability between Mobile and PC, which not many battle royale games support.

top free fire game for android

Unique features of Fortnite:

– Demolition and gathering of raw materials to build structures for different purposes.

– Pick up weapons and equipment and fight your opponents.

– Many special events, offering attractive rewards.

– Support cross play between mobile device and computer.

Link to download Fortnite for Android latest:

=> Link download Fortnite for Android
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The article has shared for you the good games with gameplay similar to Free Fire. All 5 games combine survival gameplay, exploration, loot, shooting with engaging features to bring you the best game experience. In addition, you can also refer to the top games Offline or similar Free Fire under 50MB here if your phone does not have enough memory to download the games above.

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