How to call a friend back in Free Fire

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With friends calling on gamers Free Fire Have the opportunity to receive many incentives and valuable gifts, let’s find out with Taimienphi the steps to call your friends back in Free Fire right now.

The free Fire shooter regularly hosts an event Calling your friends back to experience the game, through this event, both the inviter and the old person can receive many special gifts, Code Garena Free Fire, free diamonds …

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The phone calls to be back in free fire

Calling Friends Free Fire To Come Back To Receive Rewards

Guide to invite friends back in Free Fire

Step 1:Open the game Free Fire on the device and then log into the game account.
Step 2:Click the icon friend located in the top right corner of the screen.

the phone calls to be back in free fire 2

Step 3:In the friends system, select the item Calling then enter ID the account you want to call and then click Confirm.
– Note: For offline accounts for less than 7 days there will be no ID entry in the section Calling.

The phone calls to be back in free fire 3

If the player does not know where to get the Free Fire character ID, you can follow the instructions as follows, click the icon Avatar character => Library.

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the bridge calls back to life in free fire 4

Each event that calls for a friend to come back in Free Fire has a separate reward completely different, if you successfully invite you will receive a corresponding gift. Above is the simplest way to invite Free Fire friends back to Taimienphi, if you see it or do not forget to Like & Share for everyone to know.

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