“Luxury products” during the epidemic, toilet paper suddenly increased in price in the game

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When Covid-19 broke out at a dizzying speed, in addition to food and essential necessities, toilet paper suddenly became a “luxury product” that was sought after by family members. In many countries, toilet paper has sold out, many people even turn to stealing from public toilets. In the midst of chaos, the toilet paper war seems to have spread to the virtual world as players Fallout 76 are also frantically spending thousands of bottle caps just for a roll of toilet paper.


In fact, apart from the purpose of cleaning after going to the toilet, toilet paper has no effect in preventing Covid-19. People rush to buy mainly because of crowd psychology. That’s the real world, the toilet paper in the game is a lot more useless. So when someone agreed to spend up to 1,800 bottle caps (a currency in Fallout 76) just to buy 4 rolls of their toilet paper, Reddit user HistoricPigDog couldn’t help but wonder why. That’s a ridiculous price for something that’s only meant to be used for in-game beauty, and a comment under the post shocked HistoricPigDog even more when a player said they sold a roll of toilet paper for the same price. 20,000 bottle caps.


When it is impossible to buy toilet paper in real life, perhaps many people can only find the game to satisfy their vanity because at least it is available to buy now. Fallout 76 allows players to sell certain items to others and obviously hoarding toilet paper is a hot trend right now.

Coronavirus has affected every aspect of life, including the gaming industry. Many games, consoles as well as major gaming events have been postponed or regretfully canceled. In the times pandemicif we can afford to compete for toilet paper in the supermarket, then we have to go to the game to enjoy the feeling of achievement.​

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