King Tide – PUBG super muddy deep sea version

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King Tide Produced by Digital Confectioners, this is a novel survival adventure game that allows 100 players to go down to the ocean to hunt sharks, not only that, but players also have to look for equipment to destroy. Kill other players and become the last survivor.


Hearing this, many people are no longer strange to the familiar 1-vs-100 gameplay in survival shooting games currently on the market. However, survival in the water is indeed quite new.


With this game that requires you to have the skills of a professional diver, it is no longer like the battles on land, players must know how to take advantage of the speed and ingenuity to move underwater, because here With water resistance, being as flexible and fast as on land has become a number. Above all, in the deep sea there are not only 99 enemies left but also dangerous fish that threaten your life like hungry sharks. Players will find equipment for themselves in coral reefs, abandoned laboratories on the seabed, shipwrecks… to craft weapons and destroy enemies.


According to information from the developer, the pre-trial version will be sold for about $ 15, according to the plan, the early version will be available in December and officially released around July 2019. All information The latest about the game will be updated by Emergenceingame.Com in the following newsletters.​

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