Top 10 strong, easy-to-play League of Legends generals for newbies

Wild Rift Alliance currently has more than 40 generals, so who are the generals? Wild Rift Alliance powerful, easy to play and suitable for newbies? Readers, please refer to the following article of

Among the generals in the Wild Rift League, which one is both strong and easy to play? Which champion is easiest to play in top lane, dragon lane, or mid lane?

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Top champions of Wild Rift Alliance for new players

Top 10 strong, easy-to-play League of Legends generals for newbies

1. Top lane champion, top lane (Baron street)

– Garen – Demacia’s power
Garen is one of the easiest Tanks to play in Wild Rift and also the strongest top laner, with simple mechanics and gameplay as well as high resistance.

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Garen’s skill set, including his 1st Decisive Strike and his ultimate Demacian Justice, can deal massive damage to enemies. In particular, the Silence skill can make “silence”, preventing enemy champions from using their skills for a short period of time as well as removing the slow effects that the opponent causes to Garen.

– Nasus – The wise man of the desert
In addition to Garen, Nasus is also one of the strongest and easiest champions in Wild Rift, capable of increasing strength and dealing a lot of damage.

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In which Nasus’s 2 Wither helps slow the target’s movement speed and attack speed. This is extremely useful during the start or laning phase of Wild Rift. His ultimate, Fury of the Sands, when activated, grants Nasus more health, armor, increased damage, magic resistance and helps reduce cooldown.

In addition, if you are already a proficient player in the Wild Rift League, you can choose other top lane champions who have the power to carry the whole team.

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2. Mid laner

– Lux – Lady of Light
Lux is a mage champion that you can use in mid lane or assist in Wild Rift. With the position of mid lane generals, Lux has the ability to deal extremely high damage, especially with 1 Light Binding and 3 Lucent Singularity that can stun enemy champions.

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– Annie – Shadow Child
Annie is a Mage champion and also one of the best champions when playing in the mid lane, capable of carrying the team.

Ultimate Summon: Annie’s Tibbers can summon Tibbers the bear, potentially damaging targets around the bear’s location. Tibbers are used to increase damage to enemy champions or turrets while the player and teammates push the lane.

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Choosing the right mid lane champion in Wild Rift makes it easier for you to kill minions and help teammates from both sides. Therefore, you need to choose a champion with the best forehand strength in the top strongest generals in the middle of League of Legends Wild Rift.

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3. Jungle champions

– Master Yi – Sword Master Wuju
Master Yi is usually chosen in the Gladiator/Assassin position. In fact, Master Yi can single-handedly destroy an entire target. With his 1st Alpha Strike, Yi can “surf” across the battlefield and deal physical damage to multiple targets.

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Combo attack 1 Alpha Strike and skill 3 Wuju Style increases the damage of basic attacks. In particular, the ultimate ability Highlander when activated helps increase Master Yi’s movement speed and attack.

– Xin Zhao – Prime Minister of Demacia
Besides Master Yi, Xin Zhao is also one of the strongest and easiest junglers to play Wild Rift, having a good 1v1 solo ability and taking out weak enemy champions in the early game.

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Among the skills, Xin Zhao’s moves, most notably Crescent Guard, help knock out nearby enemies, blocking all damage outside the area.

Besides, you can also refer to some of the best jungle solo champions in Wild Rift League to choose from.

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4. Dragon Road Champion – ADC

– Ashe – Ice Archer
Ashe is one of the strongest marksmen in Wild Rift, equipped with equipment and skills that have crowd control and high damage potential.

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Thanks to her ultimate, Enchanted Crystal Arrow, Ashe can stun enemies from afar. Ranger’s Focus increases attack speed and turns basic attacks into flash attacks for a period of time, giving Ashe early lane dominance.

– Miss Fortune – Bounty Hunter
Miss Fortune is one of the ideal champions for the ADC beginner. The moves 1 Love Tap and 3 Make It Rain help Miss Fortune can damage enemy champions from a safe distance. Butter Time’s ultimate deals massive damage to enemies.

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Besides, the passive skill, Love Tap, helps increase movement speed when Miss Fortune does not deal damage for a period of time.

5. Dragon lane support champion – SP

– Janna – The Rage of the Storm
If you are looking for a champion to support the dragon lane, Janna is the champion that you should choose. Thanks to her skill set, Janna can control the crowd, which helps to create an advantage for the whole team. Monsoon’s ultimate knocks up nearby enemies and heals allies.

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In the early stages of the game, Janna’s Howling Gale skill can create a powerful storm that can knock up enemies and deal massive damage. The defensive skill Eye of the Storm helps Janna create a defensive shield for herself and her allies as well as the turret.

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– Soraka
Skill 1 Star Call and skill 3 Equinox are also enough for Soraka to damage and silence enemies. In particular, with the skill 2 Astral Infusion, Soraka can heal his allies. The last skill Wish helps Soraka heal the whole team, helping to change the whole game in combat.

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Above are the Top 10 strong, easy-to-play League of Legends generals for newcomers. Besides, readers can refer to some existing articles on to learn more How to get free champions and VNG Wild Rift skins.

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