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Top 10 female villains who captivate all female leads in manga and anime (P.2)

6. Kagura (Inuyasha)

She is a beautiful youkai, with very sharp ruby-colored eyes but a face that always exudes mischief, beautiful and sharp eyes. Kagura is a yōkai created by Naraku, his second clone, although she appeared before his “sister” Kanna. As the messenger of the wind, Kagura uses a fan to increase her power, creating blades of wind and using the wind to control zombies. She also uses the feathers in her hair as a means of transportation, growing them to ride the wind. Kagura hated Naraku and wished to be free from his bondage, secretly opposing him and asking for the help of both Inuyasha and Sesshomaru in the hope that they could kill him.


7. Eruza Guranhiru/Elsa Granhiert (Re: Life in a different world from zero)

Elsa An assassin/mercenary from the northern country of Gusteko, she can sense fear in others. She was the first to kill Subaru and activate his ability to go back in time. Elsa is known for her habit of killing her ‘prey’ by opening their stomachs, hence her nickname “Belly Hunter”. In the final timeline of the stolen medal event, she is defeated by Reinhard and retreats, vowing to come find Subaru again.


8. Annie (Attack on Titan)

Annie has a real identity as a female Titan with intelligence that surpasses other “flat-brained” Tintans. She possesses abundant physical and health, agile activities. Although she is a female Titan, Annie’s fighting ability is not inferior to other Titans. She has a high level of hand-to-hand combat ability, and her 14m height, Annie in the form of the Female Titan is an extremely ruthless and dangerous opponent. Annie even used her experience to train Eren.


9. Esdese /Esdeath (Akame ga KILL!)

Although a notorious villain, but Esdeath possesses an extremely beautiful beauty and a great intelligence that makes her whole body exude an attraction that makes many people fall in love. She is tall, beautiful and slim with long light blue hair and blue eyes. She wears a General with long sleeves, a blue scarf, and high heels. The tattoo on her chest represents Teigu’s existence in her, a beautiful and deadly weapon. In her whole life, only Tatsumi was the only one who knew about her past and what she had to endure all this time, and the only one who made this ice queen’s heart flutter every time. he smiles


10. Queen Beryl (Sailor Moon)

Queen Beryl is the head of the kingdom of darkness in Sailor Moon. In her previous life, before setting foot in the North Pole, she accidentally freed a black force that had long been restrained there. This force gave her dark energy. Due to blind jealousy, she bribed the Earth’s Four Great Kings and dragged troops to the Moon to level the kingdom, but unfortunately her plot was never successful.​


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