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Top 10 best remastered games

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Decades have passed since the game industry was born, and with new generations of games becoming more and more modern, there are many classic titles that have gradually disappeared into oblivion. Fortunately, the developers of those classic games did not let fans down and took their time to revive the game industry classics. Recently, remake games have achieved certain successes, helping gamers to revisit old memories with their favorite games. As long as a game has a large enough fan base, the developer is very likely to remaster that game, maybe to make money fast, or maybe to pave the way, to test a new game.

There are many games that used to be praised as great, but today, playing those games can be quite confusing and difficult. There is no difficulty division, the levels are more characteristically designed, and all games have a gameplay that relies heavily on skill. Remasters help bridge the gap between classic games and the current generation by updating the graphics and completely reworking in-game mechanics and systems. As long as they still retain the essence of the original version, they will certainly receive a lot of praise. It will no longer be the outdated graphics of old games that make fans not want to play. In addition, game remakes also play an important role in helping new players to know the great games of previous generations. Hopefully the list below will help you find some great games that you’ve never played.


The “hybrid” of the fictional world of Final Fantasy and the magical world of Disney, this is a journey back to childhood for players. Kingdom Hearts Final Mix, though only available to players in Japan, was launched by Square Enix in the Kingdom Hearts HD 1.5 Remix collection. The series improves on the original and further strengthens the series’ position in the gaming industry.

The major changes lie in tweaking the combat system to be consistent with Kingdom Hearts 2, creating a smoother experience when fighting Heartless hordes. A controllable camera and some reaction commands have also been added. The scenes are greatly improved, making the experience of this classic game more perfect.


The journey of the player and his surroundings is an adventure. That is the design criterion of Bethesda. After many versions of this open-world RPG game, Skyrim: Special Edition is the game that helps you relive the original Skyrim with a remake of the surroundings and further increases the number of hours of gameplay in the series. Skyrim up. Although it seems that to Steam users, this remaster is not too important, but the gaming community on consoles Skyrim: Special Edition is highly appreciated, the main reason may be the ability to mod very diverse and rich. .

By allowing console players to apply mods to the game, Bethesda has fulfilled the long-standing wish of the console fan community. Of course, the remake looks great, but to be honest, before this remaster, people had been modding it to create a beautiful open world for a long time. This game is a long-time fan’s wish, and also saves Bethesda from having to make a sequel right now.


Continuing the legend of a princess who always faces danger, The Legend of Zelda: Majora’s Mask will once again add an element of magic. Improved on the outdated engine of the Nintendo 64, this beautiful remake brings all the essence of the game to the Nintendo 3DS. Leveraging the power of the new system, the touch screen and 3D graphics truly elevate the world of Termina.

Time is a major factor in the original game, prompting players to complete their adventure as quickly as possible. The timing system has been tweaked to be less stressful and give players more time to slowly enjoy the adventure. With this extra time, players can try to explore many new activities in the game, such as going fishing or searching for hidden interesting things around the world in the game. Whatever the goal, this remake is perfect for players who love to tinker and encourage players to fully enjoy their game experience.


Once a dominant genre in the gaming industry, point-and-click adventure games have gradually given way to flashier, more modern titles. With the desire to revive the classic series of Lucasarts, Grim Fandango: Remastered reminds us of the excellence of these titles. This remaster is truly a masterpiece worth experiencing.

Despite the lack of a hint system or autosave feature commonly found in today’s puzzle games, the world in Grim Fandango: Remastered takes on a unique negative tone, aided by a full-sounding soundtrack. impressive. This is an important remaster that helps us see how far the gaming industry has come when the remake itself still has the limitations of the past. Pace and difficulty are the main difficulties for players, but the game still has an engaging and humorous storyline. Grim Fandango: Remastered is the game for those who like classic point-and-click games or are looking for something new in today’s gaming market.


This is one of the hugely popular titles along with the rise from Xbox, is an excellent RPG adventure game from Lionhead Studios. Before shutting down, Lionhead decided to once again revive the magical experience for players who love Fable. Fable Anniversary includes the original game plus its predecessor, Fable: The Lost Chapters, with upgraded graphics.

In addition to the upgraded game world, the most significant improvement lies in the update of the save game feature, which makes the whole game process more pleasant, and at the same time helps players focus more on exploring the world. . The most important thing is that this game has been brought to PC, allowing the mod community to customize the game at will. Reborn with a new look, the achievements system has also been added to challenge gamers. A classic game from a retired developer, Fable Anniversary is sure to be an experience not to be missed.


As a remake with a lot of improvements compared to the original game, Kirby Super Star Ultra is a “huge” remaster. The game offers a different experience from its predecessor, Kirby Super Star, so it is a Nintendo DS game worth playing for both longtime fans and newbies. With the addition of more minigames, bosses, gameplay and 3D FMV scenes in each level, this game will become more addictive with its rich content.

Nintendo has upgraded the original game significantly while also bringing new experiences to players with new challenges and new multiplayer modes. Every level and minigame is fun. The “hot” Gourmet Race mode is now playable with a friend, allowing both players to race through the sweet treats. This DS title has a lot of content and is a good example of a good remastered game.


The original of this game can be said to be among the oldest of the titles on this list. This is a great game about the story but the gameplay is a bit outdated so it needs to be completely redone. And so, Fire Emblem Echoes: Shadows of Valentia has been completely remade. This is a full remake of Fire Emblem Gaiden, with an updated combat system and more detailed Fire Emblem main story.

This game brings a new experience to an old game. Reworked to be more similar to today’s Fire Emblem games, the story has also been tweaked to be more relevant and emphasize the immersive experience. The ambition for this remaster is even greater when this is the first version of the series to be released in the US, and indeed Shadows of Valentia did not disappoint fans’ expectations. Tactics have all been refreshed in this impressive remaster of the Fire Emblem series.


A real gift for fans of the Pokémon series is a remake of the classics Pokémon Gold, Silver, and Crystal. Pokémon HeartGold and SoulSilver have reborn the land of Johto thanks to the upgraded graphics of the Nintendo DS. The game still pays homage to long-time fans, and is also a good stepping stone for new players to enter the series, making it one of the best Pokémon experiences ever.

Upgraded with many new matchups and moves, the game offers a smoother combat mechanic. Evolutions from Sinnoh have also been added, and befriending Pokémon is also very easy as the player can talk to his partner Pokémon. Unlike other Pokémon games, HeartGold / SoulSilver plays on both continents so there is an extremely rich amount of Pokémon and lots of locations to explore. As one of the best Pokémon games and a remake of a classic, it’s definitely a must-see for Pokémon fans.


Persona 3 FES is the successor to Persona 3, with fully rendered anime scenes along with the series’ famous soundtrack. This remake still carries the great plot of the original, but conveys it in a more stylish, modern way.

While retaining the characteristics of the JRPG genre, the game allows for more interaction in the character’s high school life. The game’s biggest addition is an epilogue dubbed “The Answer”, in which the player gets to see the actual ending of the story. In addition, Persona 3 Portable was also released on PSP and allowed to play a female character with a completely new storyline. However, this portable version still lacks the open world elements and eye-catching anime scenes of the console version. Overall, this series is an extremely enriching experience for lovers of the JRPG genre.


A genre that is less popular with the gaming community at large, Capcom’s Ace Attorney is actually a remaster of the original Japanese game. Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney on the Nintendo DS is based on the story of a Game Boy Advance (GBA) game called Gyakuten Saiban. With the addition of the fifth case and the ending that the original part still left open, this is really the finished version of the game.

The game adds many new features thanks to the power of the new platform: can use the touch screen to manage evidence more easily, and use the microphone so that gamers can shout convictions aloud. Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney is a decent remake, taking the original as a foundation and creating a perfectly fine-tuned version from there. This remake really helped bring Phoenix Wright’s name to everyone and made him an idol in the hearts of many gamers. It’s great to see this series of law and justice games made even better thanks to the remastered.

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