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The best LAN games on PC (Part 2/2)

Những tựa game LAN hay nhất trên PC Phần 2 2 - Emergenceingame

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There are four versions of Jackbox Party available, each containing games like You Don’t Know Jack, Fibbage, Drawful, Quiplash, and others. You won’t have to worry if there are too many people and you only have a few controllers, because you can connect to the game server using the browser on your phone. If you are looking for challenging puzzles, question answering, drawing, lying contests, and a wide range of party games, any package is a great choice. great.

There are 5 game modes in Oh My Godheads. ‘Capture the Head’ is a bit like stealing a flag – the difference is that every now and then the flag, which is originally a head, will strike back at you while you’re holding it. King of the Head challenges will challenge you to hold on to an angrier Godhead than anyone. Meanwhile, you can fight other players with swords and explosive cakes, plus items that can freeze enemies or summon a giant foot to crush them. This is an interesting variation of flag robbing, because the flag doesn’t want to be robbed.

A classic retro-styled cave exploration game. Crawl is a game of 4 people fighting together, 1 player will be the hero, the other will play the role of monsters and traps. Whoever kills the hero becomes the hero, and the game ends when the hero kills the boss of that cave (who is also controlled by another player) or is killed by the monster 3 times in a row. Players will find new items and upgrade their heroes, as well as level up and improve their monsters, so in general everyone gets stronger no matter which side they’re on.

Another name worth checking out from the developer Powerhoof is Regular Human Basketball.

The Worms series is already the jewel of the LAN multiplayer game series. Worms WMD returns to a very classic and lovely 2D style. This is the best Worms game in recent times, plus the shooting requires skill and based on the game’s physics, you will have moments of fun. The game finds a balance between randomness and skill, so it can be fun to play or determine victory or defeat through each point.

Wish you could play Super Smash Bros on PC? That will probably never happen. Fortunately, Brawlhalla was there to ease this pain. It’s a fighting game with the same percentage damage system and off-screen kills as Smash Bros based on weapons that randomly appear on the field. Although there are no unique characters like Smash Bros, the gladiator images in Brawlhalla still create a strong brand for themselves. Brawlhalla especially is a free game, so you can easily download it to try it with your friends if you want.

A competitor to Super Smash Bros. The other is Rivals of Aether, which is in Early Access, but focuses mainly on unique characters with unique skill sets and weapons.

A lot of deathmatch games played together on one screen often focus on doing just one thing well in order to provide a simple and straightforward experience. Towerfall Ascension is more complex than most. Basically, up to 4 players jump up and down in 2D levels and shoot deadly arrows at others. The limited number of arrows encourages players to pick up arrows from the fallen – maybe even catching one in midair if you’re quick enough – and power-ups, poisoned environments, and more. The constantly changing map makes these matches always interesting. But this game is not only that. In two-player co-op mode, you’ll take on survival challenges against a variety of enemies. A list of special rules allows you to create new game modes instantly, such as suddenly bouncing arrows or a player becoming invisible and the others having to hunt him down.

One name worth going with TowerFall is Samurai Gunn, which retains its one-shot-and-kills nature but changes its bow-and-arrows to, as the name suggests, samurai swords and guns. This game has as much fun as the game mentioned above.

In the future – 1984, in this game’s context – pixel ducks will compete against each other in a violent and ever-changing sport. Join friends and shoot each other to pieces with shotguns, lasers, grenades and more. The game is short, you’re gone in one shot, and the map changes after each game so you won’t get used to it and get bored too quickly. In addition, there are mini-games to relax after hours of bombardment, there is even a separate button to call quack quack. This is a fun, silly, very crazy game and it’s very hard to stop playing.

While still in Early Access, Gang Beasts is already at the top of party games, offering deadly arenas with awkward actions like punching, kicking, dragging, picking up, and throwing. other players. You will have a hard time controlling very loose characters and fighting for survival with friends in levels with meat grinders, passing trucks, or passing high-speed trains. The difficulty of controlling the character is the entertainment of the game, and makes everything harder and makes you laugh when you have to try so hard to climb back up after being thrown over the cliff, or try to struggle. out of the lock of other players.

Nidhogg is one of the best 1-on-1 games on PC. Playing as a gladiator, the player will perform combos to try to kill the opponent or press a lot of buttons continuously to get the opponent’s weapon. This game also has a very good tracking experience. The matches always have a very high possibility of flipping the odds and making a comeback. Once a winner has been determined, the player will enter a room of cheers, and a dragon will come and devour the character. Congratulations!

A sequel with more weapons and a bizarre art style is expected to be released in the near future.

This is a platformer game that combines chicken and horse. You will take turns placing backgrounds, obstacles, and traps into a level to make it as difficult as possible, so difficult that others can’t get through but you have to overcome it yourself. As the map becomes increasingly difficult, you can remove obstacles or rearrange them, so that the game remains balanced throughout the gameplay. It’s not exactly the easiest game to play with friends as platforming skills will come in handy here, but it’s not too difficult for those unfamiliar with the genre. And honestly, this is a very unique game that you won’t find anywhere else.

A one-shot, always-playing game on the same screen, pioneered by the likes of Towerfall Ascension and Samurai Gunn. In this game the players will become invisible, and only become visible when the trigger is pulled. The matches are very tough, because you have to pay attention to the position of other players and your invisible character. There are many terrains that will help with that, leaving footprints or splashes when moving, and hitting a crate it will change color depending on which player hit it. There are also many different character classes, with their own unique skills. Many game modes also keep the game interesting for a long time, ranging from territory control to collecting dropped coins – but nothing can compare to a simple deathmatch mode.

A collection of very strange competitions. Sportfriends introduces 4 ridiculous and completely new sports – even one, Johann Sebastian Joust, is compatible with Mac and Linux. It’s a pity, because the rest of the subjects are great. The most fun of the series is Super Pole Riders. Chaotic but entertaining, as two teams of barbell jumpers try to push a ball to the other’s goal. All use the lever bar to jump the bar. You can also use the bar as a defensive tool, use it to knock enemies away, or jump on top of them to force them to respawn.

Overall, Sportsfriends is a very thrilling, entertaining, and diverse collection.

A very minimalist version of sports: this is a game about football with lots of colors. You can adjust the color to your liking. The joy of Videoball lies in the timing to shoot and block. You are a meteorite-like object, and every time you press the only button in the game, you will shoot out small triangles from your ship. Those rays will make the ball go up. Hold down is to turn into a strong kick, but if the opponent also puts strength to kick back, the ball will fly at the same speed but in reverse. And if you hold down the button for too long, the powerful kick will turn into a defensive block. Very simple elements like that can create a lot of space for competition, just like regular sports.

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