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Before the launch of PS5, the PS4 was still the king of the console world for many years. First released in 2013, PS4 not only brought huge profits for Sony, but also helped this giant achieve many achievements that made its competitor, Microsoft, admire. The main success of PS4 lies in the extremely diverse and rich exclusive titles, ranging from adventure, intelligence, role-playing to survival. Just owning a PS4 and a quality gamepad, gamers have the whole world in their hands.

Today’s list, Emergenceingame.Com team will summarize for you the TOP 20 games that are rated as the best of all time available on PS4.



The gameplay and design style of Bloodborne are boldly featured by game maker Hidetaka Miyazaki: brutal, dark, and the difficulty level must be called the top. Besides, the fighting style of this game is also a factor that makes it easily distinguishable from countless other games in the gaming village. Although the gameplay pace is quite fast compared to normal, which makes the fighting segments less stressful, it gives gamers a comfortable feeling when launching beautiful and challenging combos.

Final Fantasy 7 Remake


If you are a hardcore fan of this most popular Japanese game series, you will not want to miss Final Fantasy 7 Remake. Developer Square Enix has taken the seventh installment in the long-running Final Fantasy series and brought it to PS4. This part of the game is the first FF to have 3D graphics and the custom gameplay mode is what attracts players.

God of War


This exclusive game from Sony has shown itself to be a formidable opponent when it is the perfect combination of many attractive factors for players such as exciting gameplay, engaging storyline, top-notch graphics and stylish design. Unique design with oneshot shooting technique that seems to only be found in movies. In God of War, the adventure of the father and son of War God Kratos will satisfy any gamer.

Horizon Zero Dawn


This is one of the role-playing adventure games set in a post-apocalyptic setting, when humans are a minority and robot machines are the rulers in the race for survival in the new world. Although the plot is quite popular, the story that Horizon Zero Dawn brings is fresh and colorful, bringing hope for a brighter future for humanity. Survival adventure gameplay and beautiful graphics have helped Horizon Zero Dawn make the list today.

Marvel’s Spider-Man


There have been many games that take on the theme of Spider Man, but they are not always successful even though they have taken on the reputation of a famous hero. Marvel’s Spider Man is one of the rare games that has fully overcome the limitations that players are not satisfied with in other games such as in the flying phases between buildings, … Insomniac Games has brought take it all to the next level with a great combat system and a deep storyline.

Nier: Automata


A lot of singleplayer games are designed to be played only once, and that’s also the biggest drawback of heavily invested AAA games. But in Nier: Automata, the more players play, the more the game story expands and there are more subtle battles for players to enjoy.

Resident Evil 7


Resident Evil 7 has made players scared right from the launch trailer. The change of perspective from 3rd to 1st has doubled the horror of gamers. The guns and weapons you find in the game are all very different and more importantly, the big guns are definitely much more powerful.

Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice


The game is set in Sengoku period Japan rather than a completely original world, filled with magic and monsters that are everywhere just waiting to rush in to bite you. In the game, no enemy is too weak, but gamers still have to focus and have skills to be able to win. With a good storyline and interesting game modes, this is definitely a great choice for this list.

The Last of Us 2


The Last of Us 2 belongs to the action horror genre and is a continuation of the story of the previous The Last of Us. The plot imbued with the father-son relationship of the two main characters makes players unable to take their eyes off as they join them on the journey.

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt


Highly rated and much more accessible than its two predecessors, The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt is not just an ordinary role-playing game, but the top-notch graphics have made it such a colorful picture. color and art about the medieval world, magic and fantasy. The game also has a huge plot, a large open world and a feature to choose what happens in gameplay. All have helped The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt become a hard-to-fall monument in the adventure RPG series.​

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