Tips to use the DMR gun in PUBG Mobile effectively

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PUBG Mobile Designated Marksman Rifle (DMR) is a special weapon that combines the features of AR and SR, which is why the DMR gun is so loved by professional players. Refer to game tips PUBG Mobile use DMR fluently here with Taimienphi.

DMR has low effective combat range and weaker damage than SR but you can aim enemies at a long distance. Furthermore, the DMR surpasses AR in combat range. These combat weapons are often the best option for mid-range mobile targets.

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Tips for using DMR weapons in PUBG Mobile

DMR is one of the many powerful weapons in the PUBG Mobile game, in addition to many of the most powerful weapons, that gamers can explore in the article that we have shared:

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Tips and tutorials for PUBG Mobile DMR

1. How to shoot
– Claw Finger Tapping: Use your index finger to quickly press the Fire button. It is suitable for both players using gyroscope or not. Perform a quick shot.
– Thumb Finger Tapping: Use your thumb to touch the Fire button. This method is only suitable for gyroscope players, as you cannot use your thumb to rotate the camera and control the recoil.
– Jitter Tapping: This is the fastest and most difficult way to shoot with DMR. Don’t touch but shake the phone so that the screen touches your finger directly. Meanwhile, you can use your thumb to control the recoil of the gun. It is suitable for players who do not use gyros. If the gyroscope player uses this method, the phone screen will shake a lot.

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2. Choose the best DMR for you
You need to understand every DMR and choose your favorite gun to use. Here are some brief details about the DMR guns that are currently appearing in the game PUBG Mobile, specifically as follows:
– Mini-14: PUBG Mobile player’s favorite DMR as it is more stable than other DMRs, the only weapon that uses 5.56mm ammo. In addition, the Mini-14 also has the highest ammo speed and largest ammo capacity in the Designated Marksman Rifle line, the best choice for taking down targets moving at long distances.
– SKS: is the most popular 7.62 DMR in PUBG Mobile. You should find one to reduce the recoil of the gun. Besides, please attach a light clip to SKS. If you want to use it to shoot fast and reduce the jerky of the verticle, you need a verticle handle. SKS is more stable than SLR.

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SLR Has a higher recoil than SKS but has the highest damage of all the DMR weapons, but it is quite difficult to control. Therefore, you need to attach a recoil to reduce the recoil of the gun. Besides, you need to shoot continuously for more stable accuracy.
QBU is the exclusive DMR in Sanhok, replacing the Mini-14 in this map. Hence, its features are quite similar to the Mini-14.
Mk14 As the most powerful and rare DMR in PUBG Mobile, it only appears in airdrop. In addition, its recoil is also highest due to its super high rate of fire. Unlike the rest of the DMRs in PUBG Mobile, the Mk14 has two shooting modes: single and auto. Therefore, you can use it to fire bullets in short range combat.

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3. DMR shooting tips in PUBG Mobile
– Don’t spend too much time aiming and shooting snipers because they can take you down in one shot.
– Take AR or SMG as an extra weapon to fight melee enemies.
Always look for 4x, 6x or 8x scopes to attach to these DMRs.
– Use an SLR or Mk14 to shoot in the head like a sniper, acting in flash with single precision shots to take down the enemy.
– Try to mine as quickly as possible to increase their DPS rate.

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