How to play Super Mario Bros game on Droid4X emulator

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Super Mario Bros is one of the games that reminds players of a “golden” era of the previous Mario mushroom game on the four-button electronic machine generation. If you want to try out this game on your computer, there are a few Android emulator are popular in the market today to install and play Super Mario Bros game on computer.

Download Super Mario Bros for PC

Download Droid4x for Mac completely free

Using emulators is always the way many people choose when you do not have Android device in hand. And although not necessarily the best Android emulator today, but compared to many other competitors, Droid4X is an extremely good and handy game play emulator.

Play Super Mario Bros game on Droid4X

Step 1: You download and install the Droid4X emulator on the computer.

Main interface

Step 2: Install Super Mario Bros game for emulator via APK file, no login required Droid4X account (review How to install the APK file for Droid4X emulator).

Go to Settings / Other Settings / Apk Install to install the game on the emulator

Or the faster way you can:

  • Open the folder containing the game’s APK file.
  • Left click on the file to install the game Super Mario Bros, hold and pull it to the interface of Droid4X.

Drag and drop files
Drag and drop APK files from the Windows window to the emulator

Step 3: Wait a minute until the installation is completed, icon of the game will appear on the emulator, and the computer will notify you in the bar Taskbar.

Installed successfully

Step 4: Game interface appears, left click on the item Start to start playing. Use the mouse to manipulate the game button icons so that the character moves and dodge the enemy.

However, if this move is too difficult and does not bring real effect during the game, you can using the virtual keyboard to play Super Mario Bros.

Play game

Step 5: Left click Left arrow icon as shown below, to bring up some help functions.

Virtual Keyboard

Step 6: Use the key combinations available to set up the game. Like dragging virtual keys into position to move, setting new action buttons for jumping, sitting, shooting.

Virtual key settings

Step 7: Setup is complete, select Save to save.


And now you can freely move characters in the game without using the mouse.

Installed successfully

In addition to Super Mario Bros, Droid4X is also used to install and play many famous games as well as other “hot” applications such as Temple Run, Download Zombie Tsunami good Subway Surfers

Wish you all success

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