Tips to play the most effective Plague Inc game

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Rated as one of the most difficult simulation strategy games in early 2020, Plague Inc not only gives players moments of entertainment but also challenges the ability to develop epidemics and virus infections around the world. Your gender.

With strategy game In any case, players need to have some effective tricks or methods to shorten the time and speed up the progress through the screen. And here are some Plague Inc . game tips Most effective readers need to know if you are planning to play.

Plague Inc

Plague Inc . simulation game tips

Tips to play the most effective Plague Inc game

1. Select Virus Disease
In the simulation strategy game Plague Inc, there are many types of viruses that players can use, of course you need to choose the type that has a fast spreading speed, the ability to treat as difficult as Nano Virus.

2. Select the area, territory to spread the virus
First, you need to focus on spreading the disease to less developed countries, isolated territories with low resistance like Africa, you can easily wipe them out quickly with viral pathogens. come.

Plague Inc

3. More infectious than death
As mentioned above, the selection of viruses that are capable of rapid infection will be much more effective than fatal viruses, every time the number of deaths increases or mutates, the country (territory, region) ) that would close the border, which would lead to the virus being contained.

4. Regularly upgrade Virus
Continually update the infectivity and strength of the pathogens in the game Plague Inc, regularly upgrade your Virus to develop continuously, avoid epidemics controlled by man-made vaccines.

The game plague inc understand the best 3

5. Regularly view global charts and events
One of the places with the fastest spread of pathogens is Olympic activities and events held in other countries. You just need to spread the virus on a few of them and see how terrifying the contagion is.

Plague inc understand the best 4

Hopefully, Taimienphi’s 5 effective Plague Inc game tips above will help you become the greatest destroyer in human history, spreading pathogens. Also you can Download and install Plague Inc on your computer by using emulators, ensuring an equally engaging experience with Mobile.

– Link to download Android version: Plague Inc for Android
– Link to download iOS version: Plague Inc for iPhone

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