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Last Day On Earth: Survival is an interesting survival game for iOS and Android. To survive in a world full of dangers, you need appropriate strategies and plans. Here’s a game tip Last Day On Earth Survival you need to know to improve your chances of survival and level up fast.

Survival game Last Day on Earth Requires players to use strategies to play and survive in a post-apocalyptic world. According to the plot of the game, there is a serious infectious disease that has wiped out a large part of the world’s population, turning them into undead. Therefore, very few people survived in that world of death. They must find ways to cope with difficulties and fight against zombies to protect their lives by crafting tools and weapons, furniture, home repairs and loot.

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How to play Last Day On Earth Survival

As one of the few remaining, apply the following shared Last Day On Earth tips to survive in this harsh world.

Tips for playing the game Last Day on Earth

The gameplay and game rules of Last Day On Earth are quite simple. Therefore, you can successfully survive after mastering the necessary skills. However, beginners need to learn some tips and tricks to get used to all the activities in the game.

1. Things to know when starting the game

When joining a server, you will spawn on a small map. The first thing you need to do is loot things in the warehouse to get drinking water, clothes, knives, ropes and metal. To experience the game smoothly on low or medium configuration devices, you should leave the graphics quality at 60 fps and do not forget to connect to the network. After that, the player must become familiar with the buttons and actions in the game.

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All the action and weapon buttons are located in the lower right corner of the phone screen. The crafting button is also located on the bottom bar. The mini map can be found in the upper right corner of the screen. You can also view your friends list on the top taskbar.

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There is also a chat box at the bottom of the screen for you to chat with players on the same server, but you have to go to Sector 7 to make friends and cooperate with other players. In-game money, quest list and survival guide are in the inbox. Reading the survival guide to learn how to survive and become stronger is essential.

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The fastest way to level up for new players is to plow the game. You need to level up to unlock more blueprints that will help you live better. For example, when you reach level 1 Skinner, you can unlock a basic backpack, a wood handle chair and a shower. The higher the level, the more advanced equipment you can craft. To level up quickly, you need to spend time and effort plowing the game.

2. Collect materials

Newbies to Last Day On Earth need to learn how to farm materials to craft tools and build shelter. Initially, you will spawn on a small land. You can pick up some pieces of wood and branches from there.

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You can also loot items from zombie corpses after killing them. With the ingredients you collect, you can build tools and repair houses. You cannot cut trees or cut logs without tools. Therefore, in the beginning, you can only pick up wood and rocks from the ground around the house. Wood and stone are used to make incubators and axes for cutting trees and exploiting minerals. Also, you can move farther from home to get ingredients and keep in mind that the trash can give you some metal to craft.

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3. How to level up fast

Here are some tips you need to know to level up quickly after you get used to the game mechanics. These tips will help you get to level 150 soon.

– Use skills to complete missions faster and get 15% more experience to level up.

– Rummage through the ALFA bunker often and you will earn a lot of EXP as well as good loot items.

– Use the healer’s Brainweed to double the EXP received.

– Cleaning farm and police station is also a good way to increase your EXP.

– Killing a boss is always one of the most effective ways to level up in a survival game.

– Farming in green and yellow areas.

– Attend the regular Oak events.

– Airdrop and Rest Stop events are also a good way to earn more EXP.

The article has shared you how to play the game and tips to quickly level up in the Last Day On Earth game. Hopefully with the above information, you will achieve your goal and have a great game experience in this fascinating survival game.
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