Tips to play mini games in My Talking Tom – Part 1

My Talking Tom Game 1 - Emergenceingame

My Talking Tom is a fun game to raise virtual cats very hot for Android, iOS and Windows Phone mobile devices because of the simple gameplay, beautiful graphics with the main character, Tom Cat, who knows how to express emotions like a real cat. the.

The publisher also constantly updates versions My Tom new, additional clothes, utensils for cat Tom. In addition, there are many attractive mini games, belonging to many different genres. From speed games, strategy games, intelligence games, etc., all are present in My Talking Tom. The mini games not only entertain you, but they also forge you to be agile and earn more gold coins.

Here, will introduce the mini game as well as gameplay to help you get a high score in My Talking Tom. First of all, make sure you are playing the latest version of My Tom.

Download My Talking tom or update a new version for the below platforms:

>> iOS

>> Android

>> Windows Phone

Mini game 1: Hit the Road

My Talking Tom

Hit the Road is an updated speed game in the latest version of My Tom. As you can see on the picture Tom Cat and Angela ride together in a car and your mission is to go as far as possible simultaneously “eat” lots of gold along the way. Of course, this game is also not easy because you need to control Tom’s car to avoid obstacles by Slide your hand on the screen to control the car left or right. As you play you will notice blue and red badges and stars. If you pass the green signs the vehicle speed will slow down and red will cause the speed to accelerate rapidly. The stars are mainly to score points, not related to the amount of gold you get. Therefore, do not pay too much attention to the star. Note also, when hitting an obstacle, you will lose, at this time on the gaming screen displays the request “continue playing”, don’t be in a hurry to click! You will lose 200 gold if you continue to race. Now it’s best to start over.

For this game, to make money is not too difficult. However, to make a lot of money is a problem. But perhaps it will be simple for you to love racing games.

Mini game 2: Cake Tower

My Talking TomMy Talking Tom

This game requires a bit of patience because it doesn’t count on timing but only care about accuracy. Your task is to put the cake on the floors. Coins contained in balloons, hovering on the screen. That’s why you need to fold the cake high up to break the ball and win 1 cent. The game is not difficult but requires you to be calm and skillful. Each layer of cake to be sorted should match the bottom layer of the cake if not the portion “mismatched” will be redundant and fall to the screen, at the same time the cake will also get smaller and the next layer of cake is also harder. So, be careful from the beginning.

Cake Tower is considered the hardest game to earn gold money in the game.

Mini game 3: Space Piano

My Talking Tom

This game is like a game “Black wins white loses” classic for mobile. The gameplay is also very simple, you just need to touch the black notes, touch the white notes to lose immediately. Through each stage (separated by the blue horizontal line) you will earn 1 cent, the further you go, the shorter the game time. This game requires you to be quick and time is the important factor.

Mini game 4: 2048

My Talking tom

2048 in My Talking Tom “follow” The famous 2048 game only differs in graphics and the gameplay is the same as the original version. And also not difficult to play this game right? You need to put the same numbers together to make the total as large as possible. Each time you transplant a total of 16 you get 1 gold.

Mini game 5: Bubble Shooter

Tom cat loves this game, because it is the game that helps you earn the most gold coins, the easiest to play in My Tom. Just shoot the ball at the same balls on the screen and the sticky coins will fall.

My Talking tom

Mini game 6: Connect

Connect in My Talking Tom is an intellectual game. You need to connect the dots of the same color together and the steps have to fill the screen. This game is timed so it not only requires intelligence but also requires you to be quick and quick.

my talking tom

Mini game 7: Flappy Tom

Follow the cult Flappy bird, Flappy Tom in My Tom Also makes players headache by its difficulty. However, as long as Tom goes through a drain, you will get 1 star.

my talking tom

Hope these game instructions can help you access the game faster and easily eat a lot of gold coins in the game to buy equipment for your lovely cat Tom.

Wish you have fun playing the game!

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