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Force or CP is one of the most important indicators of characters in general and RPG games Bless Mobile in particular. Character combat in Bless Mobile can be improved in many ways and here are some tips to help increase CP fastest in Bless Mobile that you should not ignore.

No one dares to tease you in Bless Mobile If the combat force (CP) of the character you are playing is in the tens of thousands. Monsters will evaporate when facing you and other players will flee from your sight in PvP battles. You will top the rankings in any raid or multiplayer dungeon exploration.

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Instructions to play Bless Mobile fastest battle power

However, to achieve those things, you should first pocket the quick and effective power-up tips in Bless Mobile shared below by

Fastest power-up tips in Bless Mobile

CP index The higher the character’s strength, the greater. To go further in story mode PvE With increasing difficulty and beating the best players in PvP mode, you need a lot of power. Without enough CP, you won’t be able to complete main quests or dungeon raids. You can power up by increasing your CP.

1. Level up

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One of the fastest ways to increase character CP in Bless Mobile is to level up. The power difference may not be too great from one level to the next, but as you earn loads of experience points through quests, hunting monsters, taking multiple levels at once, The results are extremely impressive.

2. Wear suitable equipment

Equipment plays an important role in enhancing the strength of the character. Equip with high-quality weapons, upgrade them, equip supplemental gems, all of which increase the character’s war power.

3. Upgrade character’s skills

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Your character has many skills in the game, including activation and passive skills. Now, you can upgrade your character’s skills easily by using skill points and gold. You get skill points when your character levels up.

4. Enhance Archangel with Archangel Soul Stone

You can enhance Archangel with Archangel’s soul stone to increase CP. As the level of Archangel increases, you will transform into a powerful Archangel and be able to use their skills.

5. Achieve achievements

Will increase the magic power on bless mobile quickly and smoothly

Complete all achievements to earn points to level up achievements and improve CP.

6. Upgrade your mount and pet

Pets and pets are also familiar companions of players in MMORPGs and Bless Mobile is no exception. Upgrading mounts and pets also helps increase CP for the character.

7. Increase adventure, combat and technique scores

You can improve your character’s score in 3 aspects: combat, adventure, and technique. Raise your score in all 3 aspects and you’ll get an Insignia effect that increases CP. Level up combat by hunting monsters, raid dungeons and defeating enemies. Raise the adventure level by completing adventure missions. And raise technical points by crafting items.

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Above are some tips to increase CP effectively and quickly in Bless Mobile. In addition to the ways above, subscribing to Monster Collection also improves your character’s war power.
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