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The imposter has come to the puzzle game Impostor Quest And need your help in treasure quest and rescue the princess. In this article, will share with you the link to download Impostor Quest game and how to play this interesting puzzle game.

After Download Impostor Quest and open the game, you will see the spaceship space and familiar characters of the game Among Us. However, instead of going on missions and looking for the impostor as a crew member, or trying to sabotage and kill the entire crew members to win as the impostor. You will join an imposter to collect gold and silver jewels and rescue the beautiful princess in Impostor Quest.

The impostor quest for newbies

Guide to play Impostor Quest for newbies

1. Link download game Impostor Quest

=> Link Download Impostor Quest for Android
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2. How to play the game Impostor Quest

All you need to do to pass each level in fun puzzle game Imposter Quest is a pin drawn in the correct order with a simple swipe to help the imposter collect gold and rescue the princess. The game takes place in a spaceship and long pins that divide the ship into different parts. Part holds gold and silver jewels, part contains hot lava, part holds water, part holds princess and impostor.

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Before drawing the pin, you need to observe carefully to make sure that each action helps you achieve the goal of each level. The game’s challenge level increases with each level. There are stages where you have to pull pins so that the water touches the lava and cool the boiling lava. While at some other level, you have to lead the lava to where the enemy is standing to protect the impostor.

The game has 5 attractive modes with each mode including hundreds of levels that are both interesting and challenging for players to conquer and many new levels will be added with the next update. Remember that the key to success is the order in which the pins you pull out. If you encounter a difficult game screen, you can refer to the game Impostor Quest answers shared below.

3. Impostor Quest Game Answers
Besides, if you are playing a puzzle game based on the Girl Genius storyline and encounter difficult questions but have not thought of a way to overcome, you can refer to the answers of Girl Genius here.

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