Tips to play eFootball 2022 for beginners

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Are you having trouble playing? eFootball 2022? Don’t worry, the tips below will help you know how to play eFootball 2022 so easy.

Football game eFootball 2022

After download eFootball PES 2022, you don’t know where to start? Are you out of court playing on either side, your pass doesn’t go where you want it to or you find your field of view too narrow? This guide will fix all of the above problems and help you perform at your best on the pitch or lose as little as possible.

Don’t change R2/RT to R1/RB

A new mechanism sounds simple, but in PES and FIFA games, you can run or walk. Between these two ground states, you can sprint a bit or completely. All require pressing R2/RT. Changing it to R1/RB will ignore all of the above. This is not a good idea. So, remember the pressure when you use them, especially when playing on the flanks.

Don’t use the left joystick continuously

Like playing a shooter, moving the joystick from left to right while aiming will be a “death sentence” for you. Same goes for eFootball 2022.

The left control button controls how close the ball is to the player’s foot. So you really need to move gently when dribbling if you don’t want your opponent to steal it easily.

How to play PES 2022 for newbies

X/A is your “lifeguard”

By default, the pass button when not in use will be used for “match-up”, which means that while holding it, the defender will mimic the player holding the ball. Every ball that comes close to you is blocked. This is tips for playing eFootball 2022 Useful when you want to obstruct a pass, prevent your opponent from shooting at your goal.

The ball’s trajectory cannot be changed when the pass/shot button is pressed

A mechanic inherited from PES games can be problematic for you if you haven’t played previous versions. Remember that when you press the pass/hit button, you have no way of changing its trajectory.

If you aim the wrong way of the ball, your team could soon be disqualified.

R1/RB to cancel

You can cancel the shot/pass with this button. Therefore, once you realize that you have aimed at the wrong place to kick the ball, immediately press this button to cancel the action you just performed.

The above are just a few eFootball 2022 tips for beginners. Hope the article is useful to you.

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