Tips to lock Google Chrome browser to secure information on websites

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Locking Google Chrome browser when not in use helps you avoid prying eyes that can endanger your personal data information, if you are using Chrome to browse the web every day, remember it right away. Great tips to help you lock Chrome browser when needed.

Chrome browser has supported the feature New Profile Management System, allows to lock the browser based on the user account, this feature is very useful if the user has to go out or not use the computer. This feature is also available on Firefox and Opera, it helps them avoid prying eyes, exploits to do bad things. Follow along on how to do it.

Note: This feature only works based on the user’s Google account (including all gmail, youtube services) of the user, which is also the account to synchronize the browser on Chrome.

How to lock Chrome browser when not sitting

Step 1: Go to the address chrome://flags in Chrome’s address bar

In the Chrome testing site, you press the key combination Ctrl + F > type keyword enable-new-profile-management

Chrome browser

How to lock Chrome browser when not sitting

Step 3: Tap Default and change the value to Enabled (Enabled) to enable the new Enable records management system feature. This experimental feature will allow you to be able to manage user profiles, lock old profiles and select user interfaces.

Use Chrome when not in use

Instructions to lock Chrome browser when not sitting at the computer

Step 4: By default, after selecting this feature, you will need to restart the system to save any changes. Press Relaunch Now (Run again now).

Chrome browser

Lock Chrome browser when not sitting

Step 5: After restarting Chrome, you will see a small button in the browser bar, which is Chrome’s customization and user profile management section.

When you click here, you will see an option Exit and Childlock (lock), After pressing this option, the account and any active tasks on the Chrome browser will be locked and only displayed in a dark color.

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install Chrome browser lock when not sitting

Step 6: If you are another user accessing Chrome on your computer, you will need to log in to your Chrome user account, including email and password.

department of google chrome

Close Chrome browser when not sitting

Click the lock icon to proceed to enter your Google account and password.

how to google chrome

Close Chrome browser when not sitting

Or enter the password directly in the account to log in. Or you can also press Browse as guest to browse in a different way, then all Chrome settings will be almost in their original state.

department of google chrome

How to lock computer browser

Press next to continue logging in to your account.

how to use google chrome

Lock the web browser when not in use

Press next to finish.

Or do not force them to create a new personal user (profile) on Chrome to be able to access the web on Chrome. The easiest way is to click on the option Browse as an individual in the bottom corner of the screen.

Note that, even if you intentionally restart the browser or not, you must be signed in with your main Chrome account to unlock the browser and browse the web with bookmarks and history like normally.
Chrome browser is one of the best web browsers besides Firefox and Coc Coc today, not only thanks to its speed but also thanks to some good Google Chrome shortcuts on Coc Coc and other useful web browsers to help users. can browse the web faster, more convenient. However, to get all the most useful features on this browser, you need to install set Chrome as default browser on a computer, you can set some permissions when browsing the web on Chrome.

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