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You want to watch videos offline on your computer, but there are many video websites that won’t let you download them. How to download videos on movie websites, the video clip below will guide you to download those videos

You need to download some movies on movie sites to your personal computer to watch whenever you have free time, but there are some movies that are not available for download by the program, to overcome the situation of being blocked from downloading videos to your computer, I would like to recommend Show you how to download movies on blocked sites as well as download Video Clips quite quickly and effectively

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This article will introduce you tips to download videos from all websites without using any download software, just with the browser. CocCoc. Everyone download the browser to install and use.

Coc Coc is a browser with a fairly fast installation speed and simple, beautiful and unique interface, with a timeline design, so the interface is easy to use with many unique features.

1. Download videos on Youtube

Step 1: Select and open the video you want to download
Wait for about 3 seconds, the icon will appear download in the top right corner (as shown)

Step 2: Click on the download icon then the interface window will display the section download.

Step 3: You Click the . button download to download videos to your computer

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Step 4: Open the video after it has finished downloading

To open the downloaded Video, press the key combination CTRL +Jthen the download history will appear
Here will appear the videos that you have downloaded. Click on Videos to open them

Attention: Downloaded videos are usually in the format *.mp4, *.flv, *.avi, ... To read these formats you should use VLC movie player

listen to the video of the bi-chan

2. Download videos on movie sites

Similar to downloading Videos with Coc Coc, downloading a certain movie from the movie site does the same. You go to the website that you often watch and then choose a favorite movie

When you go to movie websites, you have to open the movie to run, then Coc Coc can catch the link of that movie. The waiting time is very short, only about 5-10 seconds. After that, a download button will appear for you to download

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There is another feature of downloading with Coc Coc that I want to tell you that you can choose the image quality of the Video you want to download in the box. Preferred media quality: High, Medium, Low

meo download Video Clip and movie Bang Coc Coc

Above are some tips for you to download movies or Video Clips to watch with Coc Coc, This download works very well on websites that do not allow downloading videos. In fact, for Youtube, you can choose 1 of the top 5 software to download youtube videos
As for other movie watching websites, you can use IDM with the function of automatically catching links when watching Videos

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