Tips for using the MP40 gun in Free Fire most effectively

In Free Fire, players can find many different types of guns and each has its own advantages. Sniper rifles are good at long range combat, while shotguns and SMGs are kings of close range battles. The MP40 is the best choice of most players because of its powerful fire rate and ease of use. Here are 5 game tips Free Fire use the best MP40 gun.

Although any player can pick up the gun MP40 and use it, but not everyone can make the most of it. Today, Taimienphi will provide you 5 tips for using the MP40 Free Fire gun like a pro player.

free fire mp40 in free fire understand best

Knowing how to use MP40 in Free Fire is an advantage

1. Choose the right skins

Unlike other games, skins in Free Fire are not only for display, but they also make your weapons increase their stats, making your weapons not much stronger but can gain an advantage. There are different options for you to choose from the store, you can increase the damage or fire rate, the number of bullets in the ice,… Personally I choose the damage or the rate of fire to make the enemies vaporize. faster. Of course, this will cost you a fair amount of Diamonds.

Reference: How to load cards, Garena Free Fire diamonds

Meow su used to mp40 in free fire understand best 2

2. Enhancing the heart, shooting heart

Taimienphi has mentioned it in previous articles but today we will repeat it for players to know, a very important trick for players.

in other posts but I will mention it again now because it is a very important tip. While shooting at opponents, raise your reticle and Headshot ability is much higher, sending them back to the Lobby.

Reference: How to set Auto Headshot sensitivity in Free Fire
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3. Don’t shoot too long, too much

If you hold the trigger for too long, the accuracy of the weapon will decrease and the center of the shot will increase. If you can’t finish your enemy in the first few shots, it’s better to stop firing, move to a position more convenient to aim, and then start firing new rounds.

Meow suong mp40 in free fire understand best 3

4. Don’t get too close to the enemy

The MP40 is a great close-range gun in Free Fire, but not when you’re too close to enemies, especially with players who are using shotguns. From 3m to 5m is a reasonable distance to maximize the accuracy and power of the MP40 gun in Free Fire.

free fire mp40 in free fire understand best 4

5. Stay focused

It’s okay if you can’t kill your opponent as soon as you see them, you can always look for another spot, then start attacking them again. If you lose your temper, you will fall into their trap and that will make you never have a BOOYAH!
Above are all the tips for using the MP40 gun in Free Fire most effectively that players need to know, in addition, choosing the landing position or the first drop point is equally important, helping you to have many high-level items to win. If you play the Military Island map, please refer to the link below.

Reference: The best landing spot in the Free Fire Military Island map OB24

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