CF Zero: Guide to recharge zCoin Raid 2020 cards

CF Zero

In order to be able to rain the equipment and weapons in the store’s CrossFire Zero, players need to have zCoin. In this article, will guide how to load zCoin in this Raid 2020 game with a few very simple steps.

CF Zero

Guide to top up zCoin card in Cross Fire Zero

To load zCoin in CF Zero, you need a VTC Pay account to facilitate payment. If you do not know how to create a VTC Pay account, refer to the article How to register a VTC Pay account In addition, you also need a goPlay account – an intermediary that plays the role of recharging in the game: Register goPlay. After you have 2 accounts above, you start to make a deposit according to the following steps.

First, you open up CF Zero and click the button to load the plus sign.

Load the card

You will be taken out of the browser. Select a denomination you want to load then check the line I agree to the Terms … and press the button Confirm.


Click the button Log in with your goPlay account.

Log in

In the next screen, select the button Load GoZ

Load GOZ

Now, you will be given a choice of three ways to load: TNot via game card, Bank transfer or via e-wallet. We recommend that you choose to top up by game card or e-wallet.

  • For recharging by game card, simply click on one of the card types below and enter the card code to top up.

Load the card

  • For how to load via e-wallet, you scroll down to the bottom of the page and select the button VTC Pay.


Select the value you want to deposit corresponding to the amount and press the button Port load VTC Pay.

Recharge via VTC Pay portal

Continue to select cards VTC Pay.

VTC pay

Enter your account and password to login VTC Pay and press the button Log in.

Log in

Finally, reconfirm your payment and press the button Pay to load money into the game.

nap the CF zero 10 - Emergenceingame

Wait a moment, your CF Zero account will be loaded zCoin already. Although the loading process is a bit complicated, the operations are very simple and easy to do.

Wish you all success!

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