Tips for using buckets of water in Minecraft

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Minecraft One of the deepest sandbox games of all time. Even a bucket of water has many uses in it Minecraft.

Bucket of water in Minecraft

A bucket of water, although simple, is one of the most useful items you have when playing Minecraft. will list you some Minecraft water bucket tips effective.

How to use buckets of water in Minecraft

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    Create Obsidian Anywhere

    Obsidian is one of the important resources to gather as you explore the magical blocky world. Players need Obsidian to create a portal to the Nether to complete the game.

    They are hard to find in the wild but are super easy to create because the player just needs to pour water into the lava with a bucket to get the Obsidian. However, in case the lava and water are not close together, the only way for you to do this is to bring a bucket of water. You need at least one diamond ax to dig Obsidian, so don’t rush to craft them.

    Create Obsidian in Minecraft
  • Buckets of water can be used to store fish caught. This is also how you can tame and breed axolotl in the Caves & Cliffs update. They are quite gentle and you can tame them by using a bucket to scoop water in Minecraft.

    The player also needs a full bucket of fish to feed the axolotl.

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    Avoid injury when falling

    As long as you fall into the water when you fall, the damage will be reduced to 0. However, to interact with water in this case is quite difficult. But don’t worry, use the following trick to create a surface of water just before falling:

    1. Put the bucket of water in the hotbar and use it.
    2. Switch to a bucket of water during a fall.
    3. Pour buckets of water just before hitting the ground to reduce damage. This tip for using a bucket of water in Minecraft takes a little practice to get used to.
  • Here are some Tips for using buckets of water in Minecraft. Please share with readers other ways to use water buckets when playing your Minecraft.

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