Tips for using Bicycles in PUBG Mobile 1.9 effectively

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PUBG Mobile 1.9 is a big update with a lot of new features including mountain bikes, secret rooms and the 4th anniversary series of Color Party events. Here Taimienphi will give you some tips to use the Bike in PUBG Mobile 1.9 most effectively.

Update PUBG Mobile 1.9 is a major update coming out on March 18, 2022., and bicycles are the first mode of transportation included, let’s find out together. How to use a bike in PUBG Mobile.

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I used to use the bike in pubg mobile 1 9 understand

Mountain bike is the most special new means of transportation in PUBG Mobile 1.9

How to use a Bicycle in PUBG Mobile 1.9

1. Carrying a team on bicycles
Mountain bike is a single-seat vehicle intended for use by only one driver. But you can carry your teammates with your own bike with the following tips on using Bicycles in PUBG Mobile 1.9 pro.
– You get on the bike but don’t move.
– Have your teammates jump on the bike from behind you.
– Then they have to lie on their stomach or bend over.

This way, that teammate won’t fall over as long as you’re on the road at a normal speed. This tip is useful when your team only finds one bike but you need to rush into the safe zone.

Use the bike in pubg mobile 1 9 for dong doi

2. Use a mountain bike to block the door
If you open and park a mountain bike at the door at the top of the stairs, enemies can’t get through that door. The mountain bike can block doors or stairs for a while. Then you’ll have more time to escape, reload, restore HP, or prepare for battle. You can also kill other players while they are busy crossing the blocked path.

Use the bike in pubg mobile 1 9 ways to use it

3. Mountain bike can go through all the hills
There are hills that you can’t climb and walk over, but mountain biking is possible. This vehicle is designed for mountainous terrain. Therefore, it can move over all the hills that you cannot go. For example, you cannot climb almost vertical slopes in this game. But if you use a mountain bike, you can easily reach the top of the slope.

Use the bike in pubg mobile 1 9 move through the country

4. The power of mountain bikes
It sounds crazy but the mountain bike crash that can flip other vehicles is real including motorbikes, Buggy, Dacia, and even UAZ. If you collide head-on with another vehicle on a mountain bike, both bikes will overturn and you will fall.

Using the bike in pubg mobile 1 9 can

More, Mountain bike is indestructible. Unlike other vehicles, mountain bikes inherently do not have a gas tank. So you can’t shoot to blow it up or destroy it with fire or explosions.
Also PUBG Mobile 1.9 update brings a secret room where you can move in and loot some high level items in that room, or Holi Dhamaka game mode in PUBG Mobile It’s fiercely competitive, but no less humorous.

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