Download FLV video by IDM, download FLV video by IDM

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Many users want to download FLV videos using IDM but don’t know how. In fact, we just need to perform a few small operations in the setup. Please refer to the content below for more details.

Usually, the videos shared on the network often have the FLV extension. So if you want to watch these videos offline, you will have to download the file with the FLV extension to your computer. The default thing is that IDM does not support downloading this extension. You need to refer to the steps below if you want to download FLV videos using IDM.

Download FLV video by IDM, download FLV video by IDM

Step 1: Open the IDM software, the interface will look like the image below. If you don’t have it, download the latest IDM version, Download IDM
The installation of IDM is very simple, however, you need to note a few points to avoid errors during the installation process, if you are not confident, please refer to how to install IDM for more details

download video flv bang idm

Step 2: Click on the option Downloadsthen select Options.

download dui flv bang idm

Step 3: Switch to tab File types. Here enter FLV to the list of extensions supported by IDM.

idm de download videos flv

So has introduced to you how to download FLV videos with IDM. This way you can download any FLV video from the Internet to your computer and watch it again when needed.

Besides, if you are a regular follower and watch videos on Youtube. Job Download Youtube videos on the computer will help you review that video in your spare time instead of having to sit in one place to watch all the videos available on Youtube.
Like Youtube, Facebook is currently a social network with a large and growing amount of video sharing today. The number of shared videos is constantly decreasing, the need to download Facebook videos will of course be very demanding. Therefore, you should also buy yourself a tool to Facebook video downloadlike IDM for example.

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