Tips for pressing levels, accumulating experience points EXP Nine Swords 3D

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Nine Swords 3D is a very hot mobile game recently with beautiful graphics and extremely interesting new gameplay. In Nine Swords 3D with a new way of playing, players have a lot of tips to keep up with other gamers, and one of them is a leveling trick that helps players sometimes surpass the top server by dozens of levels. degree.

In any game, the fast leveling up is always the most concern for players when your level is high will unlock many new features and your strength also increases a lot. In Nine Swords 3D, fast leveling is also extremely important as the higher the level, the more experience you earn along with the higher rewards.

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Level up fast in Nine Swords 3D – Level Up

Currently, Cuu Kiem 3D has versions for Android and iOS, you can download the appropriate version:

– Load Nine Swords 3D for iPhone.
– Load Nine Swords 3D for Android.

Leveling is a way that Nine Swords 3D players find out after the method of reaching level 140 on the first day. Leveling is detected based on game mechanics: When your level and the top server’s level are 51 levels apart, you’ll get 200% experience in all activities including the mainline quest. Every 50 levels gamers will have to open the level 1 time, opening the level needs the corresponding item to be dropped when fighting monsters.

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It can be seen that this leveling method is suitable for new servers or new players playing on the old server, very suitable for the initial stage. This is also a way to help you not have to be online too much and still be able to level up extremely quickly.

How to do leveling

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After reaching level 100, stop doing the main quest but wait for the top server 51 levels higher than you to do it, and for activities, use the mechanism to get 200% exp back. Then continue to do the task until level 149, then stop not opening the level, but run the activity for 1 to 2 days, until you reach enough experience to level 200 or accumulate higher to receive.

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However, the longer you accumulate your level, the more rewards you will lose in the activity, so it is best to only accumulate 1 to 2 days and then receive it to maximize the effectiveness of this trick. If you complete enough activities while accumulating exp, you can reach level 220 or 240 depending on the situation, sometimes a dozen levels higher than the top 1 is normal.

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To determine your level, look at the Exp Trust section and you will see how much you are accumulating.
Above is how you use Level Pressure tips to gain experience and level up extremely quickly in Nine Swords 3D. You see information about the update Fighting Peak Peak Nine Swords 3D here.

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