Tips for playing Rise of the Kings for newbies

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In the chaotic land of Rise of the Kings, kingdoms from all over are at war for land and to see who is the rightful ruler of the land, Rise of the Kings is a city-building MMORPG strategy game. town, where you take on the role of a newly appointed king.

Build various buildings, train soldiers to encroach on the land, reap natural resources and conquer your enemies with the help of Rise of the Kings tips for beginners. There’s a lot of work to do for Rise of the Kings, so don’t waste any more time, log into the game right away.

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Build your Empire in Rise of the Kings

– Download Rise of the Kings for Android.
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Rise of the Kings tips for newbies

1. Follow the instructions
One of the best ways to understand the rules and the world of Rise of the Kings is to follow the instructions. The developers have done a great job including the tutorials in this game. Through the Rise of the Kings tutorials, a lot of information you can absorb in an instant. So take advantage of this feature to get to know the different characters of the game.

2. Complete the story quest
There are many interesting things like the quest system you will encounter when experiencing Rise of the Kings. Therefore, you need to make sure to complete them as soon as possible, easily extracting resources from the quest. And when done, you will get a lot of gems and farming resources quickly. used to build houses, train soldiers, upgrade strongholds … a lot of things are needed.

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3. Stay safe and keep yourself safe
Remember, you can be attacked in Rise of the Kings at any time. The attack can come from a single player or by IA seeing your kingdom unprotected. Therefore, it is very important to protect and stay safe, you should build defenses at various strategic points. Also, if there is an option to unlock dragons do it immediately, this makes your defense a lot stronger.

4. Continually train and upgrade the army
Rise of the Kings is one of those games where troop type and level don’t really matter, as long as it’s crowded. Simply put, the more pieces you have, the higher your odds of winning. To ensure this, always keep troop training facilities busy, constant and constant.

5. Always have a backup resource
The amount of your spare resources in this Android game will help you to move your troops whenever you want, capture any base you like or sometimes a defense. With this method, you can either build more houses or train troops at the last minute, depending on the situation you are in in the Rise of the Kings game.

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These are all Rise of the Kings tips and tricks for newbies, if you have any other strategies, don’t hesitate to let us know in the comments below. Play Rise of the Kings on PC equally interesting than on Mobile, try to know the attraction.

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