Tips for playing fast-growing Ant Legion for newbies

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Ant Legion is a strategy game to build an army of ants. Players need to build their nest and control the ants to attack different insect armies on the map. For those new to the game, the fast-growing Ant Legion is absolutely necessary, they help you have more healthy warriors.

Game Ant Legion has quite simple gameplay with your main task is to develop your ant colony into a large ant colony later. Accordingly, the player leads the ants to find food, water and collect resources.

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How to play Ant Legion For The Swarm for newbies

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Tips for playing fast-growing Ant Legion For The Swarm

1. Complete Ant Legion Main Quests
You are new to the game Ant Legion, you do not know the mechanics of the game and you are having a hard time because you don’t know where to start? How to increase your strength, we have advice for you to complete the quests by chapter. The quests that you complete and level up your queen are also chapter quests that will help you keep track of your progress. This is not a daily quest, but it allows to build stronger ants. Players can also level up their base through this

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2. Prioritize building upgrades in order
You’ll need to prioritize incubator upgrades before upgrading anything else. Here is a list of priorities that you need to upgrade:
– Incubator room
– Ant garrison
– Special ant hatchery room
– Food storage
– Treasure room
– Soldier training camps
– Cave door
– Leaf pile
– Laboratory
– Ant Evolution Room

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3. Train your ants wisely
Ant training camps will train different types of soldier ants, whose job is to feed and fight enemies. It is a waste of time and effort to train only one type of ant, because each different type of ant has something unique to offer and plays different roles elsewhere. together. You should focus on the quality of the ant soldiers rather than on the quantity because quantity always outweighs quality.

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4. Some other kAnt Legion tips
– Use boost when your army has shield this will be beneficial in the long run
– Join alliances, help them and get help in return
– Join pheromones quests and keep upgrading them
– Join the arena at least 6-7 a day
– Hunting, getting food guaranteed at least 3-4 times a day
– Keep moving your ants every 2-3 weeks if you get attacked in a row
– Trade items with Lady Bug
– Incubate eggs daily to get rewards
– Continue to upgrade dedicated ants

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The above fast-paced Ant Legion game guide includes all the information you need to know, sure to help you level up quickly. If you follow these tips well, you can reach higher levels within a few days. If you have any suggestions, don’t hesitate to comment in the comments section below.

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