Tips and tricks to play Legends Of Runeterra for newbies

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After several months of testing, Riot Games’ card strategy game, Legends Of Runeterra, has finally been officially released for all players. The following article will introduce you to some tips and tricks to play Legends Of Runeterra for newbies.

If you do not know, Legends of Runeterra is a card strategy game with style League of Legends by Riot Games. Here are some tips and tricks for playing Legends Of Runeterra for newbies.

meow and collect legends of runeterra for all players

Legends of Runeterra guide for new players

To download Legends Of Runeterra to your device, visit here.

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Tips and tricks to play Legends Of Runeterra for newbies

1. How to play Legends Of Runeterra

In Legends Of Runeterra, players will be opened with 4 random cards, if not satisfied can be exchanged. The player’s task is to protect his main house (Nexus) and destroy the opponent’s main house, in which each player will have 20 HP.

legends of runterra game for new players

2. Areas in Legends Of Runeterra

Legends Of Runeterra includes many different areas, each with its own gameplay and strategy. Here is the list of regions in Legends Of Runeterra:

how to play legends of runterra for people

– Noxus: This area is inhabited by the most aggressive warriors, capable of dealing direct damage with their enemies.
– Demacia: Demacia’s gameplay is mainly about building an army of units that can buff each other.
– Shadow Isles: This land is known as the place where only people come, not people go.
– Freljord: The Freljord mainly uses crowd control effects and mana ramp mechanics to end the match with powerful late-game threats.
– Ionian: Ionia outsmarted her opponents with stealth tactics. Recall allows the player to return units to their owners.
– Piltover & Zaun: Piltover & Zaun also known as P&Z or PnZ, this is the land where the most developed technology, the battle relies on hextech magic
– Bilgewater: Literally understood, in Bilgwater there is only the life of the strongest, where there are outlaws.

3. How to get cards

Here are some ways to get cards in Legends Of Runeterra:

3.1. The Prologue

During the first playthrough, the player will initially have to complete the instructions, then unlock rewards from The Prologue, followed by Trophy Road. These rewards are EXP, used to level up in The Prologue and earn cards.

legends of runeterra don

3.2. Regional rewards

In Legends Of Runeterra includes many areas with different gameplay that introduced above. Players can activate any region, start earning rewards and cards when they reach level 4 in each zone, then move on to other areas.

3.3. Weekly Vault

Every week the player will receive an openable Vault. Each Vault consists of 3 chests containing different rewards, depending on how much money the player earns through performing daily quests.

In which the player can get a bronze chest after passing level 1. After earning 25000 EXP and reaching level 13, the player will receive all 3 gold chests.

3.4. Daily quests

By doing daily quests, players can get regional rewards of EXP and Weekly Vault.
The above article has just introduced you to some tips and tricks to play Legends Of Runeterra for newbies. In addition, readers can refer to some existing articles on to learn more How to play Soul Destiny for new people.

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