TI8 Filmmaking Contest: The best movies come out at the last minute

Dota 2 - Emergenceingame

Valve opened the short film competition for Dota 2 2018 at the end of May and many fans of this MOBA game attended. In addition to the passion for the game, the high-ranking videos will be featured in Battle Pass The International 2018, and the winning video will be shown at the tournament. In terms of prizes, the first prize is $25,000, the second prize is $10,000 and the third is $5000. The remaining videos in the top 10 all receive $500.

There are a few simple rules for submitting videos, which you can read in full here. Videos must be under 90 seconds, they must be created exclusively for the competition and related to Dota 2. Videos “may incorporate animation or live action,” so the requirement to use Valve’s Source Filmaker software is zero. Obligatory. This year we see a lot of amazing videos, but at the end of the day animated short film clips surprise everyone because animation is not only difficult to make, but every second is invested to ensure quality. film. Here are the top 4 videos:

Ursa Minorby Alexander Frey and his team.

On The Cliffby Keller Max and his team.

Kobold Bluesby Erick Wright and the development team.

The Final 88 Seconds of an 8-Hour Gameby Erick Wright and his team.

You can check out more Dota 2 videos on the Reddit forum and content on the Steam Community page where you can vote for your favorite videos.

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