Thought “super product” who thought “super fake”, Sony was forced to refund game purchases for players

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WWE 2K seems to be losing its inherent charm. Bringing out a new version every year, but it feels very boring, everything is just the same as if it was copied from the same game and changed a little bit. Knowing that, many fans still accept that and continue to buy the game every year because at least the list of wrestlers and the new Showcase mode are also updated.


However, this year, the “bad” of WWE 2K20 went too far, too much for fans to bear. Ignoring the new feature, I thought the graphics would be the factor that pulled the whole game back WWE 2K20 looks like a product developed a decade ago. Flooding the forums, forums are screenshots, videos showing the game’s ridiculous errors with the hashtag #FixWWE2K20.

In fact, WWE 2K20 is so buggy that it seems the 2K developers don’t know where to start even if they want to fix it. At the time of writing, no patches have been released and obviously, the patience of gamers is limited. And now, things are so bad that Sony is forced to refund gamers who bought games through the PlayStation Store if they want.


In case you want to receive a refund from Sony, you can contact us directly by phone or online store, explain the problems you have encountered and request a refund. Right from this announcement, it is not surprising that family members invite each other to return the game.


PC and Xbox players are still waiting for news on whether they can claim refunds. And despite the refund, the lack of a decent wrestling game to play this year really disappointed many people. Perhaps the only thing the developers need to do to save the dire situation is to release patches to try to fix the game’s critical bugs. WWE 2K20 is out now for PC, PS4 and Xbox One.​

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