This is the scariest Pokemon in history

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In the game Pokemon, Parasect is the final stage of evolution of Paras, but it is worth noting that after transforming, this Pokemon suddenly lost its pupil, its eyes were left with dead whites. When looking back at the description in Pokedexnew gamers realize the horrifying truth is Pokemon This one actually died in evolution.


That’s how I am Pokemon The Paras that we see, was actually eaten from the inside by the fungus growing on its back, a parasitic fungus called Tochukaso. When Paras evolves into Parasect, when the mushroom completes the process of sucking nutrients from the bug’s body, now Parasect is just a lifeless shell controlled by the will of the mushroom.

If depicted as real, the Parasect would look like this.

Therefore, Paras and Parasect are classified as Mushroom Pokemon (Mushroom Pokemon) instead of Insect Pokemon (Insect Pokemon). The poison attack was actually launched from the mushroom. If you pay close attention, gamers will realize that the name of Parasect is a combination of the words parasite (parasite) and insect (insect), clearly implying that this is a bug infected with parasitic fungi. Thus, the essence of Parasect is a “zombie” in the world Pokemonone of the creatures with the most pitiful and terrifying history of its kind.​

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