Take a look at 12 names that can “meat” Hulk in 1 note (P2)

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Part I:

Part II:


Is the younger brother of Cyclops (in the manga), Havok possesses extremely powerful energy-projecting powers and holds the proud title of being one of the few that can be defeated. Hulk 2 times in a row. The first takes place when Hulk accidentally captures Polaris and Havok is forced to help. The Hulk thought that he had the upper hand when he presided over Havok, but immediately Cyclops’ brother used the energy gathered in his body and knocked Hulk unconscious. The second time he encountered the Green Giant, Havok used his cane to hit him on the back when absorbing Gamma energy into his body and releasing it directly into the opponent’s body. Once again Hulk prostrated at the feet of a mutant without a chance to fight back.


The Thing

The Thing of the Fanstatic Fours is one of many names that constantly clash with the Green Giant and five times seven times he is defeated. However, there was only one time when The Thing was able to step up to a higher position when Doom overpowered Hulk, forcing him to fight in a weaker but more controllable form. The Thing at that time, with its abundant power, immediately cornered the Hulk into a dead end, with one hand almost knocking down the opponent. The Hulk is eventually saved when Doom throws in a support card, a Robot, to replace the Green Giant, saving an embarrassing defeat.



No need for DC or Marvel It must be mentioned that the fans have pitted these two images against each other for decades. However, it was only in the 1996 story collection that these two names were able to fight in the most dignified way. In fact, the outcome of the match was decided by fan votes and of course Superman won completely. However, from a purely logical perspective, Man of Steel still has the upper hand. Simply because when the two sides rush into battle, Superman not only has pure physical strength but also has the ability to emit superheat rays, making him completely overwhelm Marvel’s Green Giant.



In fact, with his fragile form, Spider-Man knows he can’t be one on one with the Hulk. So in most of his battles with Hulk, he managed to lure the Green Giant out of populated areas before his allies came to his rescue. Above all with his sociable and cheerful nature, Spider-Man also does not want to harm anyone.. especially an out-of-control entity like Hulk. However, everything soon changed direction and changed direction in a very unexpected way, making the fans surprised.


Accordingly, in an accident, Spider-Man was suddenly covered by Uni-Power – a cosmic energy source with its own intelligence.. Uni-Power usually appears when an individual falls into danger of death. people and evoke the heroic spirit in their hearts. Once combined with someone, Uni-Power will give them the power of Captain Universe with power from the universe.. enough to see how terrifying it is. So when Spider-Man held the Uni-Power in his hand, he was able to punch Hulk out into Earth’s orbit.. Yes, out of orbit to be exact! Then Spider-Man flew straight up and hugged Hulk’s body back to the ground.. It can be considered as one of the best moments of our Spider.

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