PUBG – Watch Shroud get 18 Kills in just 30 seconds

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Shroud still one of the most famous names in the community PUBG even after getting into the “Team Up” controversy with Hacker. Despite receiving a 30-day account lockout, Shroud still continued his journey to entertain his fans in PUBG territory. And it seems that immediately the gamer born in 94 made PUBG gamers admire with his ability to play games and manage extremely well.


In fact, it was this ability that helped Shroud win 18 consecutive kills in just 30 seconds when being hit by dozens of enemies. Stream Sniper (those who “scan” through Stream) surrounded in only a few square meters of land. For a famous gamer like Shroud, it is completely normal to attract dozens of Stream Sniper. In fact, his fans themselves have become too familiar with faces like Banana Man nice Wadu… who are also famous in the PUBG community.

Returning to the Stream, Shroud immediately jumped into a small tissue surrounded by water on all sides. However, when he looked up, dozens of Stream Sniper also followed him down, creating the most chaotic scene in the matches that Shroud had ever participated in. Unable to pick up the gun, he immediately rushed to the enemy holding the S12K in his hand, punched him to death and took the weapon back to his hand.


For those of you who don’t know, Shroud has a fair amount of Stream Sniper like Wadu or Banana Man… who just follow him with the main goal of comedy. They never meant to stop or hurt Shroud.. However, not all of these Stream Sniper players were like that. In fact, most of them try to take advantage of the “scanner” strength to be able to kill Shroud at all costs and brag to the world that they have defeated the best player in PUBG. Therefore, shortly after parachuting down, Shroud was surrounded by dozens of “Zombies” who tried to punch him to death. However, with the S12K in hand, Shroud made sure they paid the price before they fell.

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