The World’s Weirdest April Fools Jokes

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Every year when April Fool’s Day comes, it seems that the game village appears countless pranks on gamers. Some are easily “discovered” by the community, but others make us believe it. the strangest and most sinister right here.

Final Fantasy XIV Online Go

What if the MMORPG title of the Final Fantasy series suddenly changed to style Pokemon GO? The answer is Final Fantasy XIV Online Go, a game that allows players to use real-life landmarks and the ground around them to exploit game resources. It is not known if Square Enix will force gamers to use real shovels…. but they are developing a device called “farm stick” with the similar shape of a selfie stick.

Enlisted – From World War Jump to PUBG

Enlisted is a World War II-themed FPS game with a realistic style of gameplay. However, with the heat of PUBG and the Battle Royale genre, Enlisted has gone in a completely new direction.. Yes, it is Cruisine Royale, where gamers will have to use pots and pans to make bulletproof armor.


Razer Venom V2

Razer said that the company now owns the most responsive and quality gaming equipment on the market, to the point where the only thing holding back the higher development is … the players. That’s why Razer decided to produce a new compound based on the energy drink prototype, giving gamers superior speed and reflexes.. As Razer advertises, it turns gamers into a demigod. never tired. However, Venom V2 is contraindicated to use more than 1 dose within 2 hours, otherwise…

Vainglory’s new hero – Maxbob

Vainglory welcomes the newest Hero Maxbob – an entity from another dimension with an ultimate Skill that can wipe out all nearby Heroes. Erased here includes both enemies and allies, like a creepypasta story just spawned in this MOBA Mobile game..

Take care of the video card

According to the Corsair – is also a famous computer equipment manufacturer, the fate of video cards is at stake. With the Bitcoin craze pushing high, countless Video Cards were bought and left in the dark.. That’s why Corsair called on gamers from all over the world to donate money to them to buy back the new ones. this video card and give them a new home. Gamers can donate through many different forms such as Paypal, MasterCard… or Bitcoin.

Giving up PS4 to sell Board Games

Board Game is becoming a phenomenon and marks the day of returning to dominate the gaming industry. Foreseeing the new trend, Sony decided to switch from PS4 production to a new product called PlayStation: The Board Game. Styled like a real board game, this new product will include:​

  • The game board does not support 4K graphics.​

  • Instruction manual, 6 volumes.​

  • Ability to “network” up to 4 players in the living room.​

  • Small dice and big dice, generally a lot of dice.​


Game Academy

After many years of producing video cards for the gaming community, Nvidia continues to go a long way in meeting the needs of gaming.. That is the Gaming Academy with three main majors: Hardware Research, Esports Management and Game Philosophy. Each major will allow students to prepare well before entering “life” such as understanding if the opponent is swearing at them or how to argue with their parents if they are banned from playing games. Some other subjects also help gamers accept their fate and comfort themselves when the old PC could not play the game nearly 10 years ago.
You can sign up for a course here:​


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