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The times Thor was defeated miserably in the Marvel universe (P.2)

5. Defeat by Destroyer Armor

The Destroyer Armor was originally an armor created by Odin from a metal form even stronger than Uru. Odin brought the armor to Earth and implanted it with the power of the most powerful gods, so the Destroyer Armor has a formidable power that is difficult for anyone to control. This armor was later manipulated by Doctor Doom. Because to save everyone, Thor fought the Destroyer Armor but was unable to defeat it and was defeated.


6. Phoenix Force

In Comics X-Men vs. Arvengers, just because of a “missed word” of Scarlet Witch that 90% of mutants lost their power completely, this magic is so strong that even a powerful witch like Doctor Strange can not dispel it. This event was also the trigger that caused the battle between the X-Men and the Avengers. During the battle, Thor wanted to destroy the power of the Phoenix Force, so he used all his strength to throw the magic hammer towards the Phoenix Force, but this creature has the ability to recover very quickly, so he defeated the “Thunder God”.

7. Being “taught” by Odin

When Asgard was destroyed in Comic Fear ItselfThor wants to call on the superheroes of the Avengers to help rebuild Asgard. But Odin thinks he can do it himself without the help of humans, even mocking the Avengers. Thor advises his father not to just lose faith in people but turn to look down on them. This made Odin extremely angry and immediately beat his son. Odin also asks Thor to choose between humans or gods.

8. Nick Fury stripped of his superpowers

It’s hard to believe that a person without any superpowers like Nick Fury could defeat the famous “Thunder God” Thor. But unfortunately that is the truth. In Comic Original Sin, Nick Fury got the Watcher’s eye and learned a lot of secrets. During the fight with Thor, he just leaned in to say a few words when Thor suddenly lost all his superpowers and could no longer raise his hammer Mjolnir.

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