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Surreal FPS Escape From Tarkov adds a dozen new weapons and areas

Escape From Tarkov very beautiful and realistic, but gamers need more than a game screen to use again and again from the beginning of the trial. In response to the community’s longstanding expectations, the game recently released the V0.8 update, which includes a brand new map, weapons, and equipment.


The focus of the update is “The Interchange” – an area that includes highways and a giant shopping center. The size of this abandoned mall is truly amazingly large, seemingly abandoned from a time closer to the present than what happened to Tarkov. Scattered throughout the area are sandbags and fortifications, showing that the area was once used to station troops, including those converted into a field hospital and fire point.​

Clip introduces new update.

Although the new map area is quite large, unfortunately the Scav NPCs have not been deployed. Therefore, gamers are forced to use their own characters to fully explore The Interchange. In terms of equipment, the update includes some notable additions such as the Springfield Armory M1A, Remington Model 870 shotgun, Stechkin automatic pistol, AK-47, and more.

In addition, the game also adds a basic tutorial mode, helping newcomers to approach Escape From Tarkov in a more efficient manner. The loading operation is reworked the operating mechanism and displayed image. Even the way the frame is rendered has been reworked by the manufacturer – for example, increasing the number of frames per second, in order to create a physical feel for the player experience.

With this update, Escape From Tarkov continue with the trial period and allow early purchase of the game.​

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