The strongest lineup of the Arena of Truth version 10.4

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Let’s go with Taimienphi to find the strongest squad in the Arena of Truth version 10.4 and how to build a squad for players to refer to and apply in Ranked battles when the new season is about to start.

In version Truth Arena 10.4 there are a lot of changes that make the meta shuffle, a series of lineups change, new champions take the throne …. from which players have to learn to adapt to them, but if you know the following lineup, Taimienphi is sure you will Rank up a lot faster.

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The strongest Teamfight Tactics 10.4 version

According to statistics in the Mobalytics rankings, the 2 strongest squads in the Arena of Truth version 10.4 in League of Legends all revolve around the Shadow Clan. What makes them so terrible in the new version, stay tuned.

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6 Shadows

Description of squad 6 Shadows (Shadow)
– 6 Shadows has become a nightmare for players in Teamfight Tactics version 10.4. Master Yi has received many buffs over time and players are making the most of his carry potential. By building on attack damage based on Kindred, you can win in the mid game and pass items to Master Yi in the late game.

When to use the formation of 6 Shadows
– If you find a solid start with shadow units or get a lot of gold from creeps, profit gold…. After you have a strong Kindred unit and at level 8, roll enthusiastically to find the rest of the 6 Shadow squad.

How to build a squad of 6 Shadows
– At the beginning of the game you can simply find Fire units or good units like Leona, Nasus, Varus, Diana, Zyra and Vayne.
– By level 6, if you find Annie or Yorick, you can combine 3 darkness, 3 fire and 3 summoner. The summoner isn’t necessary though, so you can just use any high-level units instead if you have one.

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Sum Sins

Description of the Sum Sins lineup (Summon Assassins)
– Summon Assassin is a combination of summoning and assassin like never completely dying out. There are many variations for this Comp because they have so many variations of combinations and different classifications, it will take a long time for players to master this lineup.

When to use the Sum Sins (Summon Assassin) lineup
– This Comp can work with most early stages of any match, as it revolves around pretty powerful 3 and 4 gold cost units. If you can find Azir or Qiyana early and they are upgraded, you can easily win every game => simple gold.

How to build a team of Sum Sins (Summon Assassins)
– You can use whichever Jungle unit comes first, this is a great choice and Renekton lets you get an extra Sand buff with Azir, Leblanc lets you switch to Assassin builds earlier.

– In the mid game you can hope to find Azir and Qiyana as they are what boost your midgame power. During this time, look for powerful summoners like Yorick and Annie, doing your best to maintain your (Square) economy. Look for a 3 Assassin in or 3 Summoner buff, any 3rd assassin will make you stronger until you find Zed.

the most beautiful picture of the first class on the 10 4 4
Thus, you and Taimienphi have just learned together how to build The strongest team in the Arena of Truth Version 10.4, hopefully you will have more choices in climbing to the top of the Leaderboard.

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