TOP Free Fire gun with lowest accuracy

Guns Free Fire having low accuracy will be detrimental to you in combat. If you want to know The guns in Free Fire shoot the least accurately then please refer to the list below immediately.

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TOP Free Fire gun with lowest accuracy

5 – UMP Free Fire Gun

UMP in Free Fire

Accuracy: 36

UMP is possibly the best and most damaging SMG gun in Free Fire game. It is the only SMG weapon capable of armor penetration. With 63 armor penetration points, the UMP can bypass 2/3 of the damage reduction to enemy armor and helmets.

4 – Gun Free Fire AUG

AUG gun in Free Fire

Accuracy: 35

AUG is the “victim” of the reduction of the “overpowered” Free Fire weapon, making it the weakest AR gun. Despite the fact, this Free Fire gun has a quite high rate of fire, but its accuracy is very low, so it will miss a lot. In addition, AUG is also quite heavy, so it will slow down the player’s movement speed. This greatly affects the game.

3 – Free Fire MP40 gun

The MP40 gun in Free Fire

Accuracy: 17

The MP40 is the opposite of the P90 and UMP because it has a lower accuracy but a faster rate of fire. This makes the MP40 a super good weapon at close range where accuracy is not so important.

Due to its terrible lethality, a lot of people prefer the MP40. If you are using this Free Fire gun, try a weapon handle and add ammunition to improve its strength.

2 – Free Fire M500 Gun

Gun Free Fire M500

Accuracy: 10

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The M500 is a version of the Desert Eagle that has included a 2x scope from the start. However, its damage is lower. The worst part of this Free Fire gun is its super low accuracy. You can hardly hit anything with the M500.

1 – Gun Free Fire M1873

Gun Free Fire M1873

Accuracy: 10

You can think of it as a “pocket shotgun” that can be carried as a secondary weapon. Use it like a normal shotgun with a low overall stat but not too bad if you’re unfortunately stuck in a close-range fight inside a building.

The above are Free Fire guns has the lowest accuracy index. Hope the article is useful to you.

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