The secret to fast leveling in the game Dragon City

Len Level Dragon City 2 - Emergenceingame

Following the success of the Clash of Clans, Hay Day, Boom Beach or Candy Crush Saga titles, the Dragon City game also attracts a large number of players, participating in the game you will be transformed into a dragon trainer. profession.

Dragon City is also the place where you can breed your own dragons in the magical world. It is very interesting that you can manually nourish, find food and habitat for them, then let them go to fight in extremely attractive battles.

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Each player will have their own way of building the dragon world, but how to level up quickly and get a lot of gold and experience is not easy at all, requires players to accumulate experience and learn a lot. To be able to build a dragon city, you must first master the main types of dragons to be easily managed.

3 main types of dragons in Dragon City

  • Fire Dragon: Can reduce body temperature to adapt to a burning environment, helping to put out the fire very quickly and destroy the surrounding objects unconsciously.
  • Dragon power: Created by the era of darkness when lightning and lightning strike the ordinary dragon. So they always look to the sky to catch thunder.
  • Ice Dragon: Helps cool things around because everything is hot on the island.

The secret to fast leveling in the game Dragon City

Those are just 3 main types of dragons, there are more than 100 different types of dragons you can freely choose. To be able to level up quickly, you need to have experience points, to get experience points, you need to dig trees, dig rocks, build houses, especially get experience points from the fruit house. So you should upgrade the fruit house to Level 2 to hang the machine longer.

In addition, wanting to level up quickly in Dragon City depends on many more factors. Here, we will share with you some tips to level up fast in the game Dragon City.

How to level up super fast in Dragon City

1. Choosing an effective dragon

Each dragon has its own characteristics and different habitats, so you need to choose carefully before starting to build. For example: Dragon Flame Dragon adapt to fire, dragon environment Venom Dragon adapts to the earth and dark environment, also Mirror Dragon adapts to the environment Legent ….

So you need to Streamlined arrangement will determine the fast growth of the dragon and players can earn more gold, level up faster.

2. Upgrade the dragon’s habitat

Initially you should focus on building more habitats like Flame, Sea and Nature to have more choices for dragons. Upgrading the habitat of the dragon will limit the number of dragons in each residence, as well as the amount of gold collected for you more.

Len Level Dragon City 5 - Emergenceingame

Please upgrade the dragon’s residence whenever the game level allows and pay attention to placing maximum dragons in each residence to collect a lot of gold, helping you to level up quickly.

3. Create more food

Food is one of the most important resources in Dragon City because you need food to upgrade dragons so they can produce more gold for you over time. Through the farm that helps you create food, depending on the level in the game you are allowed to build multiples of food farms as well as upgrade them to higher levels, divided food farms. into classes as follows:

  • Food Farm: Unlocked at Level 1, get 100 gold and 100 exp.
  • Big Food Farm: Unlocked at Level 8, with 25,000 gold and 25,000 exp.
  • Huge Food Farm: Unlocked at Level 18, with 500,000 gold and 500,000 exp.

Len Level Dragon City 4 - Emergenceingame

The taller food farm produces more feed in a shorter period of time.

4. Get free gifts

Send and receive free gifts with your friends. This way you will get some gold and food through your neighbors. So, please work a little hard to quickly level up.

5. Complete the assigned tasks

Try to complete well the tasks given during the game will help you earn gold, Gems and experience points depending on each mission set out. But please pay attention to the requirements to use Gem to speed up the task completion, do not waste Gem offline.

The secret to fast leveling in the game Dragon City

6. Collect gems

Gems help you unlock special items without spending time building and incubating eggs, here’s how to get gems easily:

  • Each level up will receive a gem.
  • Declare bonuses daily.
  • Special reward on day 2, will help you receive a gem.
  • Join the programs and researches, investigations are given in the game
  • Invite friends to play Dragon, you will receive 5 jewels for successful invitations.
  • If you win a tournament you will receive 2 gems as well as gold.
  • Build Dragon Stadium and make the creatures fight. Each tournament receives 2 gems.

You see you can get gems without any effort with a little attention, right? This is also an equally important factor to help you level up quickly.

Hopefully the above article will help you gain more experience to customize your dragon army and join the battle with opponents around the world. In addition, you can refer to some city building games on your Android phone such as: Elf City, City Story, Miracle City …

Video instructions to level up super fast in the game Dragon City

Wish you have fun playing the game!

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