How to increase the power of Snow Falcon VNG fast

In the masterpiece of flower art 4K Snow Falcon VNG There are many ways to increase character combat power such as equipment enhancement, skill level increase, realm … this allows you to fight better, destroy enemies quickly. Here are tips to play Snow Falcon VNG increase combat power fastest.

Either at any stage or level in the game Snow Falcon VNG then, the increase in character combat power must be continuously performed. Of course, this not only requires you to work hard, but they also consume a lot of KNB locks (gold coins, gold keys).

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Tricks to play Snow Falcon VNG for newbies

How to play the game Snow Falcon VNG increase combat power fastest

1. Character equipment Snow Falcon VNG
– Equipment Rare high quality either Enhanced Equipment is the most effective way to increase the combat power, but the higher it goes, the higher the rate of enhancement failure, but failure will increase the probability of success. Each item requires a different amount of Enhancement Stone each time, you can earn the Enhancement Stone by using the key KNB purchased in the Store, participating in Ho Tam Relic, Item Separation …

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2. Increase character skill level Snow Falcon
– One of the things that helps character Snow Falcon increase combat power fastest is character skillsEach skill has its own effect that not only deals great damage, but also gives the character more health, ability to block or special effects. Taimienphi recommends leveling up your skills regularly to make sure you don’t get punctured.

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3. Beasts and Pets
Beast or Locate Not ordinary mounts, they are ranked the same as equipment, the higher their rank, the more radical their stats will be. They add endurance, strength, mentality, mentality and aura directly to the owner.

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– Unlike Lya Ky, Pet Snow Falcon VNG can go to battle up to 4 if the player reaches level 87, each pet has its own Thien Phu Skill to support the character after being appointed as a Captain, depending on the character that the player Use Pets.

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4. Level up the character’s realm Snow Ung VNG
– The VNG Falcon Snow Realm not only allows the player to receive the Title, but it also shows the player’s natural talent and genius. In order to level up your realm, you need to meet the requirements such as Combat Force, Leveling, and Dungeon. Each level of the Realm of the character gets 5 basic attributes added, the higher the realm the higher the realm, the greater the character of Snow Falcon.

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Above is one of the fastest ways to increase the power of Snow Falcon VNG that players need to pay attention to, especially new players. In addition, the game also has a System of Intensive Training, each 5 seconds receive EXP 1 time. Not training monsters or doing quests can still gain experience points. So it is very necessary to plug in Tuyet Ung player on PC.

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