The secret to effective attack in Boom Beach

Following the success of two brothers Hay Day and Clash of Clans. Boom Beach is also loved by many gamers, because of its beautiful graphics and players like being captivated by endless battles. Participating in the game you have the opportunity to control your elite army in mortal battles.

To become a talented manager is really not easy at all, how to build defenses really solid? How to attack effectively? How to properly deploy the army? Perhaps these are still questions that need to be answered by many gamers. Although each player will have their own strategy and way of playing, they also need to learn from the experience of other players to build their island more and more beautiful.

Today, will give the most effective attack experience in Boom Beach for you to follow and apply to your battle. We invite you to follow the article below:

Tips to attack in Boom Beach effectively

Find out your opponent’s attack:

You probably already know the saying “know you know me, a hundred battles a hundred wins”, so if you want to win the opponent, you need to learn carefully the opponent, know the enemy’s defense, see what level the opponent is at, how long is their range, the opponent’s defensive weapon. Does the enemy have enough coverage of the main house to attack more effectively. Avoid the opponent’s sudden attacks.

Find out the opponent to attack in Boom Beach

Determine the direction of attack:

After learning the opponent, you will determine the attack direction more accurately, avoid many casualties, depending on the specific situation, make a specific plan as follows:

  • If the enemy refuses to upgrade the main house, use fire to bombard all troops to bombard the main house.
  • If the enemy places defensive weapons that do not cover the main house, there are many gaps, as well as hidden corners that the protective weapons do not shoot, use flares to move your troops there to bombard the main house, If the main house is destroyed, the remaining houses will also be destroyed.
  • And if the enemy surrounds the main house very carefully, choose the weapon that deals the highest damage and use firepower to destroy it. SArrange the shooting formation in the most scientific way to reduce casualties to the lowest level.

Make an effective attack plan

Reasonable command:

Deploying troops properly will help you attack the opponent more effectively, the Heavy has the ability to withstand a large amount of damage and cause negligible damage, so please rank this army first, and the Zooka army does the most damage. so please arrange the rear. IN the first levels before the main house reaches level 6, you are only equipped with Artillery, Flare and Medkit, make use of them sensibly!

Use the rear warship effectively:

The battleship behind will give you a lot of options to support amphibious assault:

  • Artillery (Assault Artillery).
  • Barrage (Missile array for large area attack).
  • Flare (Direction Cannon).
  • Medkit (Heal).
  • Shock bomb (Energy prevents enemy turrets from attacking).
  • Smoke Screen (smoke to hide troops).

Use warships rationally

Each type will have different effects, so you should use the assault cannon and missile array to attack first where you want to destroy the enemy turrets, clearing the way for the troops before landing. After that, use cannons to guide you to choose the path of attack, and use healing and mana to reduce the enemy’s defense.

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Pay attention to turn on the radar system:

The construction of the radar system is very important, because they will help you discover the remote areas of the island, observe the enemy better, to quickly plan a reasonable attack.

Turn on the radar system

So you have learned some attack tips in Boom Beach, hoping to help you in your battle, quickly win a glorious victory for your troops. In addition, to build your army strong, where to win, you need learn the types of troops in Boom Beach, to maximize the strength of each type of troops.

Have fun playing the game!

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