The Pope’s Season 4: Guiding how to play the Divine formation

Spirit is a very strong lineup Truth arena 4th season, with sublimation dealing true damage. Let learn the power and how to play God in the article below.

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The Pope’s Season 4: Guiding how to play the Divine formation

Formation strength

  • Spirit: When attacking 6 times or being reduced by 50% health, Divine Generals will sublimate, remove all bad effects on the body, deal true damage and reduce damage taken for a period of time.

When there are all 6 Gods on the field, it will be a real nightmare for the opponent. With his “beefy”, plus the ability to deal true damage, truly the God does not mind any formation. The only weakness is that in order to get enough Gods you will need to keep score, if you don’t want to be eliminated early.

How to arrange formation

The Divine Generals have sublimation and damage reduction properties, so it will be difficult to die. Therefore, you do not need to pay too much attention to the arrangement of the lineup. The generals in the lineup include:

  • Main damage: Warwick, Jax, Lux.
  • Tank: Shen, Irelia.
  • Control: Leesin, Yone.
  • Support: Janna.

How to equip


Focus on equipping Jax and Warwick. Since the divine form is already very strong, the item selection is quite easy and non-forceful. You can use items that fall and match. However, with the right equipment, these champions will be stronger.

  • Jax: Dragon Claw, Iron Solari Necklace, Zeke Flag …
  • Warwick: Mercury Cloak, Electric Knife, The Blade (Angel Armor) …
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Other items you can optionally attach to champions.

Wishing you success with the Divine roster in season 4 of Pope Francis!

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